Liz, Racine County

Observed Scanner Recount of Elmwood Park, Ward 1, Racine County, Wisconsin. Three observers were click counting, as the ballots were being put into the scanner. One clicked for Clinton, One clicked for Trump, and One clicked for "undervotes". At the end of the ballot run, the totals on the tape matched those recorded on election night, exactly. However, the click counters recorded 5 more votes for Clinton, 10 more votes for Trump, and 15 fewer "undervotes".  
Please see attached photos.

I informally requested a hand count of this small ward, to determine the discrepancies. This request was denied. I then submitted a formal, written objection (also in photos). Although two Board of Canvassers stated they did not understand the objection and request, they voted "no" on the hand count, without allowing further explanation to clarify our request. In the attached video you can see and hear how contentious the situation has become. They threatened to kick me out for any further disturbances when I tried to speak.

Please see video.