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Why letters to the editor are key to victory for our campaign

LTE-meme-2.pngLetters to the editor and opinion pieces in newspapers, magazines and other media are one of the most effective ways to get the Stein/Baraka campaign's message out in the crucial final days of the election.

Letters to the editor can reach thousands of voters with our message.

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Tips for writing an effective letter to the editor:

  • Your letter is more likely to be published if it deals with current events, especially if it’s written in response to local news or a recent article (in the previous 2 days for dailies, or previous week for weeklies).
  • Write from your perspective, but feel free to use talking points from the campaign to build your argument.
  • Know your audience, and write a well-reasoned letter that is likely to be published and win the hearts and minds of readers.
  • Keep your letter as succinct as possible, and focus on one main argument rather than several separate issues.
  • Try to balance criticism with positive proposals. Check your facts, spelling and grammar.
  • Follow the guidelines and word count limits of the target publication; check the website or the op-ed/letters to the editor page. Usually op-eds are longer, letters to the editor are shorter (up to 250 words is typical for local papers, but many larger papers are limited to 150 and some magazines limit letters to less than 100 words).
  • Take a look at some sample letters to the editor here.

Sample talking points for letters to the editor:

Write about your reasons for voting Stein/Baraka, and check out the talking points here for inspiration. Keep in mind that most people don't know yet that every Stein/Baraka vote helps get the Greens closer to 5% and recognition as a national party - a powerful reason to vote Green this year.



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