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Read Jill Stein's message about how we can break the blackout on political competition in America.

Here are additional talking points for a letter arguing that Jill Stein’s campaign deserves media coverage:

  • The presumptive nominees of the Democratic and Republican parties are the most unpopular in history. In a June ABC News/Washington Post poll, 70% of Americans viewed Donald Trump unfavorably and 55% viewed Hillary Clinton unfavorably.
  • The majority of Americans are interested in other choices for president. In a 5/18 Data Targeting poll, 55% of Americans said they would favor an independent challenger to Clinton and Trump.
  • Jill Stein’s Green Party campaign is gaining momentum, despite having a fraction of the money and media coverage available to Clinton and Trump. In a 6/21 CNN poll, 7% of voters said they would vote for Jill Stein.
  • Jill Stein is gaining a following because she articulates a reasoned, values-based progressive vision with bold solutions to the problems our country faces today.
  • Jill Stein doesn’t accept money from corporations or super PACs, because she believes politicians should be beholden only to voters, not big money special interests.
  • The Jill Stein for President campaign is working to get on the ballot in all 50 states to give dissatisfied voters another choice in November.
  • The Jill Stein campaign is not only about running for president, but also about building a party for millions of Americans who feel the Democratic and Republican parties don't represent them.
  • In a democratic society, the media should take seriously their responsibility to inform voters about their choices on the ballot.
  • (Your local paper/publication) should offer balanced coverage of Jill Stein (and other Green Party candidates in your area).

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