Sample Letters to the Editor

Here are some sample letters to the editor about Jill Stein for President. Click here for more information about writing an effective letter to the editor.

Arizona Daily Star: Green Party candidate’s visit ignored by media

The presidential candidate for the Green Party, Jill Stein, visited Tucson on March 10 and spoke to a large group. And apparently — shhhh — it was secret.

As usual, the news agencies only cover two parties, ignoring a true progressive candidate with real solutions regarding education, student finance, jobs, economy, poverty, health care, war, human rights and climate change.

Stein’s Green New Deal tackles these issues head-on and, after Bernie Sanders is rebuffed by the Democrats, she will be the only progressive candidate.

With 48 million college students buried in debt, she proposes elimination of student debt.

To the millions of us demanding a stable economy not based on war and weapons sales, we need and have the right to hear all candidates.

Cover all views for a real democracy.

Kent Solberg, Tucson, AZ

May 14, 2016 Green Party's Jill Stein an alternative to Hillary

I feel like I'm being blackmailed. Vote for Hillary or we'll be stuck with Trump, and what a disaster that would be! If Bernie loses, which he will because the Democrats have rigged the election so "outsiders" don't stand a chance, we'd better get on board with Hillary or else. I mean, look at the 123,000 democrats in Bernie's hometown of Brooklyn who found themselves off the voting rolls, and the independents in state after state with closed elections who don't have a say, not to mention the super delegates. Why is Richard Neal committed to Hillary when his district overwhelmingly voted for Bernie? This is democracy? No, I won't be blackmailed.

There is an alternative. If people would stop letting themselves be bullied into voting for Hillary and show some courage by voting for independents like the Greens' Jill Stein, maybe we could break the stranglehold of corporate controlled Democrats and Republicans. Maybe this country could be "great" again. I mean FDR great. A country that spends its riches on taking care of its people and this planet, and not on turning people worldwide into corpses and refugees while we create more enemies by wrecking their countries and making their people homeless.

Charlotte Burns, Palmer, MA

May 16, 2016


The Columbus Dispatch: Check out minor parties

(Note: This letter was edited from its original form by The Columbus Dispatch.)

The recent revival of the firearms debate and the political stalemate blocking effective legislation aimed to curb gun violence is a reminder that the American political system is broken. The current two-party status quo forces Americans into two narrow political paradigms pitted against one another.

Jill Stein and the Green Party understand that ranked choice voting, a procedure in which voters choose not one candidate but rank candidates from most to least favorable, is a common-sense method capable of ameliorating our current political gridlock.

Voters should consider Stein and other third-party candidates this election year. Americans are desperate for fresh ideas and new ways to build consensus and make progress.

Walter Stepanenko, Dublin, OH

June 24, 2016


Culpeper Star-Exponent: The year of the 3rd party and presidential candidate Jill Stein

The 2016 campaign of presumptive presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party, is catching on fire. Jill, as she is known warmly by supporters, is climbing fast in polls and grabbing the attention of millions of potential voters. As of today, June 22, her campaign stands at a healthy 7 percent in national polls.

For those still unfamiliar with her, Jill is an American physician, activist and politician. In 2012, she was the nominee of the Green Party for president of the United States. That run for the presidency earned her a place in history, with 469,501 votes, more than any other female general election candidate in the history of American presidential politics.

Jill is no novice to politics. She was twice a candidate for governor of Massachusetts, in 2002 and 2010. She ran dynamic and effective campaigns for the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2004, Secretary of the Commonwealth in '06, and was elected and served as Town of Lexington representative in '05 and '08.

A quick Google search reveals Jill as a dedicated, powerful and passionate voice for social and economic justice and the search for peaceful solutions to war and global conflicts. Citing, “People, Planet and Peace, Over Profit," Jill’s priorities quickly become clear.
As a physician first, Jill made the connection between personal and social health (especially children’s) and environmental decline. Looking ahead, she is calling for a “Green New Deal,” to create the infrastructure for an all renewable energy system, combat accelerating climate change, restore our ailing economy and putting all Americans back to work.

On June 21 on CNN’s "New Day," Jill told reporter Alisyn Camerota, “We have a very broken system under the two political parties that have been throwing us under the bus. I think we badly need a change. I think (the voters) understand if we are going to fix the rigged economy we need to fix our broken political system. … It’s the mother of all illnesses.”

Stein continued, “The majority of Hillary Clinton supporters don’t support her – they actually oppose Donald Trump. .. At the same time, about 60 percent of voters are clamoring for another voice and another choice… who is actually an honest broker.”
I am currently volunteering with the newly founded “Piedmont Green Party” (PGP), our region’s first affiliated Green party. Serving Culpeper, Madison, Green, Orange, and Rappahannock counties, the Piedmont Greens are presently “hitting the streets” of the area collecting the signatures of registered Virginia voters who would like to have Jill Stein’s name placed on the Virginia presidential ballot in November.

If you would like another choice for president this fall and are feeling that you want to do something more to change the direction that the country is being taken, the next meeting for the Piedmont Green Party is scheduled for 7 p.m. on July 7 at the Culpeper Public Library. There is also a Warrenton PGP meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13, at New Bridge Restaurant, Main Street, Warrenton.

Glenn A. Kirk, Boston, VA

June 26, 2016


Oroville Mercury-Register: Americans should consider a fourth political party

The Republican and Democratic parties need to pay attention.

Apparently, the majority in Great Britain voted to exit from the European Union (Brexit) because the “ruling political elites of London” had too long taken care of themselves and ignored the needs of the people. Struggling with rising costs and stagnant wages became impossible to bear as political elites of both the Conservative and Labour parties swam in increasing affluence among the interests they both served: trans-global corporations, Central Banking and the London Stock Exchange.

Any parallels with our two ruling “party elites” in Washington, D.C.? The Democratic Platform Committee’s virtual dismissal of Bernie Sanders’ suggestions for environmental protections, Wall Street regulation and peace in the Middle East suggests that Democrats and Republicans have become one in protecting the same trans-global corporate interests.

Jill Stein and the Green Party, our fourth-largest party (next to Libertarian), absolutely stand for guaranteed jobs at home — especially new green jobs, environmental protections, Wall Street/Banking regulation, and the end to Israel’s occupation and settlements on Palestinian designated land.

Just this month, a Green became the President of Austria after beating the front running, ultra-right (fascist) candidate. If Green can be big in Austria, maybe it can be big here. In November this year, I think I’ll be voting Jill Stein and Green.

Linda Furr, Chico, CA

June 28, 2016


Conway Daily Sun: Support petition to put Jill Stein on ballot

If you feel: a) Hillary Clinton is too crooked, b) Donald Trump is too crazy, and c) both are too corporate, then Dr. Jill Stein may be the candidate for you.

Following Bernie’s announcement last week that he plans to vote for Hillary, many Sanders supporters are seeking an alternative to the presumptive nominee. That’s where the Green Party’s Jill Stein comes in.

Trained as a physician, Stein became a political activist after seeing her patients show symptoms of environmentally related illnesses. Like Bernie, Jill also supports a single-payer “Medicare For All” public health system.

Her Green New Deal seeks to launch a World War II scale overhaul of the economy, with a complete transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2030.

I’ve grown up spending my long weekends, Christmas breaks and summer vacations exploring the natural beauty of the valley with my family. Some of my greatest memories are of spotting rare wildlife such as moose, red foxes, owls and black bears that I would never see in the developed Massachusetts suburb where we lived full time.

Jill’s Green New Deal would foster greater protection of these natural resources by eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels. But in order for Jill to appear on the ballot here in November, the state of New Hampshire requires at least 3,000 verifiable signatures of registered New Hampshire voters by Aug. 10.

Please, even if you don’t agree with her platform or don’t plan to vote for her, support voter choice and sign the petition to get Jill on the ballot in New Hampshire. You can learn more about how to sign (and volunteer) at

“The power to create this new world is not in our hopes, it’s not in our dreams - it’s in our hands.” — Jill Stein

Brian Gay, Glen, NH

June 29, 2016


Bloomington Herald Times: Only Green Party is Progressive on Climate

Over the weekend, the Democratic Party began voting on its official platform. While many things were included that were wonderful, such as language that supports a modern Glass-Steagall Act and a push to end the death penalty, what was left out was what was most concerning.

The platform left out many things that I, a progressive middle school teacher, would've liked to see, but the most upsetting for me was a flat-out refusal to come out against fracking or consider a carbon tax.

With our planet careening towards destruction and massive flooding by 2050, we cannot, as a planet, afford the incrementalism on climate offered by the pro-corporate Democratic Party. We need real and aggressive change.

The only candidate running for president with a campaign and party platform that is progressive on climate is Jill Stein of the Green Party.

Jill is running with a platform more progressive and revolutionary than even Bernie Sanders. Her campaign is not only about running for president, but also about guiding a party for millions of Americans, like me, who feel the Democratic and Republican parties don't represent them. I look forward to writing her in for president in November.

Dakota Hudelson, Bloomington, IN

June 29, 2016


Portsmouth Herald: The Green Party Has Much to Offer Voters

Polls show a lot of discontent with the two leading candidates for the US presidential election. And yet, few people have even heard of the Green Party, which promotes the kinds of things voters have been asking for all along: health care for all, getting money out of politics, clean air and clean water, free education through college, a $15 minimum wage, ending wars and drone attacks, ending racism, and ending mass incarcerations and police brutality.

The reason most folks are unaware of this party is that the Green Party does not accept corporate or super PAC money and spends its limited resources on organizing and educating, not on TV ads. And the mainstream media, which focus on the major political parties, don’t give Greens the time of day.

And yet, if you’re lucky, you may run into a dedicated volunteer who is currently collecting signatures to get the Green Party on the NH ballot so we can vote for a candidate who actually represents us. This is a tough job. People don’t want to sign for a party they’ve never heard of. To date the Green Party is on the ballot in 20 states, including Maine and Massachusetts, and the goal is to get the party on all 50 state ballots.

Jill Stein is the presumptive nominee for the Green Party. She is a Harvard-trained physician who is committed to promoting the issues that will improve the lives of all Americans.

I recommend that readers go to the GPUS Platform website and read the Green Party platform in its entirety. By doing so you will realize how far we in the US have strayed from the basic principles of good government and the role third parties can play in getting us back on track.

Shirley Frederick, Exeter, NH

July 3, 2016


Fresno Bee: There are multiple choices for president

Sharon Hall’s June 28 letter expresses her need for other choices. She mentions Trump and Clinton and negative comments about both. There are, however, four other political parties and candidates from which to choose.

At, the California secretary of state has listed the six state qualified political parties – American Independent, Democrat, Green, Peace and Freedom, Libertarian and Republican parties. Their political party statements are available. Information to register as No Party Preference is also available.

If what Ms. Hall means by no choice is no choice for significant change from the status quo, there are two options. First, with the greatest likelihood of winning, would be a Bernie Sanders’ candidacy as the Democrat nominee.

Second, Jill Stein is the best choice for change. Sanders essentially borrowed the Green Party agenda, got everyone excited, and called it a revolution. If Stein got “Trump-like” free air time and didn’t have to sue to be included in the presidential debates, Ms. Hall would see she has a choice depending on her values and courage to vote them.

Larry Mullen, Fresno, CA

July 6, 2016

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