Margaret, Outagamie County

Outagamie County Recount 2016 
Day 3
Each morning clear and concise instructions are given to the workers. Reminders of what they are looking for, the importance of the recount, and questions are answered if there are any. Our county has been working well together, the workers are diligent in catching errors and questioning the canvassers as to how they want to proceed. Even though we have only seen minor issue so far, I am pleased with the dedication of the staff and poll workers from the Outagamie County. 
Appleton wards 24 & 25 are logistically split between Outagamie County and Calumet County. While recounting the ballots for those wards last night, 11 ballots were missing. However this morning we received a call from Calumet County telling us an envelope of ballots marked for our county was found in their box … wards 24 & 25. A courier was sent to retrieve them and later in the day wards 24 & 25 were recounted and closed out.

Appleton ward 16 resulted in a drawdown. The ballots were checked and an under voted presidential ballot was found and was determined by the board of canvassers to be the one needed draw down ballot. The ward was then continued to be closed.
Appleton ward 34 presented an unusual situation … a ballot was found upon opening of the sealed boxes that was from 2014. This was a non-presidential election year and it was noted that it was accidentally ran through the machine and it created a presidential vote. The edge marks on the ballot matched the code for this year. It was caught on election night, the ballots were reran through the machines before submitting totals, however the 2014 ballot was sealed in an envelope and stored with the ballots because it was never determined how it got there in the first place. 
Appleton ward 15 – total ballots off by 1/ Clinton-1
Appleton ward 17 – total ballots off by 1/ Clinton-1
Appleton ward 18 – total ballots off by 1/ Trump-1
Appleton ward 20 – total ballots off by 1/ Clinton-2 (Inspector noted machine jam)
Appleton ward 21 – no difference 
Appleton ward 22 – no difference 
Appleton ward 27 – total ballots off by 1/ total presidential units off by 1/ Clinton-1
Appleton ward 40 – no difference 
Appleton ward 41 – total presidential units off by -1 / no other number changes 
Appleton ward 42 – total ballots off by 1/ total presidential units off by 1/ Trump-1/ Clinton-1/ write-in McMullin +1
Appleton ward 43 – no difference in total ballots/ write-in McMullin +2
Appleton ward 50 - no difference 
Appleton ward 52 – no difference 
Appleton ward 55 – no difference 
Appleton ward 56 – no difference 
Town of Bovina ward 1&2 – no difference