Margaret, Outagamie County

Outagamie County Recount 2016 Day 2. We still seem so but less prepared than the other party observers, they came with forms and documents and proper training on day one … we are still learning on the job and looking stupid. Last night the email came out to wear green today so the other team members could find us and we could show support to the Green Party … ugh a day late guys, all the media and reporters were here on day one to see the kick off of the recount. Pull it together Stein group this is not the way to handle a group of volunteers in a state wide project. I had 3 new volunteers show up this morning, two were a husband and wife team from a smaller ward and they got so overwhelmed with the process of what was expected from them they said they were not coming back. Point as to how poor this group has trained people.Report… A third ballot scanner machine was brought in to help keep the recount on track Appleton ward 4 – total ballots off by 1/ Clinton-1 Appleton ward 6 – no difference Appleton ward 7 – write-in McMullin+1 Appleton ward 8 – write-in McMullin +2 Appleton ward 9 – total ballots off by 1 (clerical error) Appleton ward 10 – write-in McMullin +2 Appleton ward 11 – Trump +1/ Johnson-1 Appleton ward 19 – total ballots off by 1/ Trump-1/ Clinton -1 Appleton ward 35 – total ballots off by 1/ Clinton-1/ write-in McMullin +1/ (originally was noted as a machine error but board of canvassers are calling it a clerical error) Appleton ward 36 – total ballots off by 1/ write-in McMullin +3 Appleton ward 49 – no difference