Margaret, Outagamie County

Outagamie County Recount 2016. Day 8. Grand Chute wards 1-3 uses different colored ballots for each ward but stores them all together after the election. The ward that uses the white ballots accidentally mailed out a pink ballot to an absent voter. When it was noted on Election Day, it was set aside to be remade but was forgotten. The ballot was counted and stored. At the recount it was placed with the pink ballots and thus each section was off by one. The Grand Chute clerk and chief inspector sorted through all the notes and found the error. Sue showed up today, introduced herself to me as a member of the Stein/Green party observers who was creating a video document of all the different counties to see how different areas did things. She interviewed me and I started to show her around the room. We spent some time by the optical scanner machines where ballots were being fed. She talked with a few of the workers about the machines and why they got involved with the election work. She interviewed the clerk from Grand Chute and the members of the board of canvassers. That was what she was doing when I was giving shift change report to Nettie so I could leave for the day. Report…Town of Grand Chute wards 1-3 – write-in McMullin +1. Town of Maine ward 1 – Trump -3. Village of Nicholas ward 1 – no difference. Village of Shiocton ward 1 – no difference.