Margaret, Outagamie County

Outagamie County Recount 2016. Day 7. Jim returned this morning and informed me that he was taking over team leadership during the time he was there; he was determined to obtain the clicker versus machine data. He brought with him, his sister-in-law to help since I had previously voiced my opinion of how that information was not going to show anything. The two proceeded to try and obtain the data from the current ward that was being ran through the optical scanner machine today. However their results were off, or inconclusive as Jim would like it noted since 6 duplicate ballots were found in a separate envelope and there was confusion as to why they were there. Jim did eventually admit to me that there was some issues keeping up with the machine and remembering if they had clicked on the insertion of the ballot or the noise of the ballot being accepted. Human error was my main concern for not doing the clicker in the first place, I appeared to be proven correct. Back to the 6 duplicate ballots … the City of New London had incomplete inspector notes and only 3 of the duplicated ballots were re-written exactly, so we did not know if these were spoiled ballots or duplicates. A call was made to the New London clerk’s office for clarification. She asked for the inspector’s sheet to be faxed over so she could read it, our board of canvassers complicated. Upon getting back to us the clerk had no reasonably answer for us. It was than requested by the canvassers that the clerk and the chief inspector from New London plus the inspector who wrote the notes appear in person to the recount room the next morning to sort out the ballots. The board of canvassers asked if all party observers were in agreement with this decision. We were 1 ½ hrs was spent from the time of discovery to the time of final decision. But as always our board of canvassers was very open with everything going on and made all phone calls on speaker phone for the observers to listen in on. There was nothing to object to since the protocols were followed and transparency of the Outagamie County recount room is never an issue. The Town of Main’s DRE machine was brought in today, set up, and the audit tape was ran to be compared to yesterday’s blurred section.  Report …Town of Grand Chute wards 11-14 – total presidential units off by 14/ Trump +7/ Clinton +6/ write-in McMullin +1. Town of Grand Chute wards 15-17 – no difference. Town of Greenville wards 1-3,5,7&8 – total presidential units off by 26/ Clinton +5/ Johnson-1/ write-in McMullin +11. Village of Bear Creek ward 1 – no difference. Village of Hortonville wards 1-3 – Trump +3/ Clinton +1/ write-in Roque De La Fuente +1.