Margaret, Outagamie County

Outagamie County Recount 2016. Day 6. Town of Main found a 3 inch section of the DRE tape that was blurred. There was a note made on Election Day, that the machine jammed and the roll of paper was changed. According to the hand recount, Trump was down one vote. The board of canvassers called the command center for verification on how to proceed. Command center advices that the original DRE machine be brought in to the recount room and an audit tape be ran to see if the blurred section can be determined. Board of canvassers concur with that decision. Town of Seymour had a drawdown on Election Day, two under voted ballots were located and the drawdown was taken from them. During the recount an extra vote for Trump was detected, and only one under voted ballot was found. The total number of ballots was the same for both counts. Trump was given the extra vote found during the recount. A Mr. Jim, who had shown up briefly on day one; on his way up to Brown County’s recount, stopped by again to see how things were going. I informed him of our progress and he asked if I was able to get results with a hand clicker versus the machines for ballot tabulations. When I told him that we did not have more than one observer on per shift for the Stein/Green Party on any given day, and that the clicker did not seem important enough to me to ignore the rest of the room proceedings for and so as team leader I choose not to do it. He was not amused. He gave me his phone number should I needed to contact him and left. Mine you, this was day six; he never gave me this information on the first day he came to see us. This put up a red flag in my mind about who this guy really was, but I continued with my day. Report… Town of Liberty ward 1 – Trump +1. Town of Seymour wards 1&2 – Trump +1. Town of Vandenbroek wards 1-3 – Trump +3/ Clinton +1. Village of Combined Locks wards 1-5 – Trump +1/ Clinton-1/ write-in McMullin +1.