McAllen, TX


Join us for an afternoon of Evolutionary Politics of Possibility

Adrian Boutureira, Field Director for the Stein / Baraka campaign, will hold a get out the vote rally Saturday afternoon. Adrian is traveling throughout Texas, supporting all of our Green candidates and helping to lay the ground work for building the Green Party in Tejas beyond November 8.

Abolish Student Debt

End the Two-Party System Invest your Vote & build a movement

Remember to #Vote for #DownTicketGreens on Nov 8

Jill Stein’s Green Party campaign for president is a bold, left-wing alternative with real solutions for working people. She calls for a $15 minimum wage, cancellation of student debt, single payer healthcare, and a Green New Deal to tackle climate change.

During this election – between the two most disliked presidential candidates in recent history – we have an opportunity to build a movement to challenge this political establishment. A significant vote for Jill Stein can help set the foundation for a viable new party in this country – a party of the 99%, independent of the Democrats, the Republicans, and their corporate backers. Winning 5% of the vote means the Green Party will receive up to ten million dollars to help build the infrastructure for a presidential campaign in 2020.

Don't believe the narrative the nation media is pushing. The Stein / Baraka ticket is killing it among millennials, artists, and left-leaning voters!!!

Unlike our opponents, the Stein / Baraka campaign is neither misogynistic nor speculating about ordering drone attacks on whistle-blowers. Jill & Ajamu have spent their lives working for social justice and creating a healthy environment for our children and grand-children.

This is a unique time in history to transform our political landscape and create a world that works for all of us. The power to do this is not in our hopes, it's not in our dreams; it's in our hands!

  • November 05, 2016 at 5pm – 8pm
  • Bill Schupp Park
    1300 Zinna Ave
    McAllen, TX 78504
    United States
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  • Adrian Boutureira

Will you come?