Melissa, St. Croix County

I was sick but was lucky there was a reporter live feeding most of the recount in my county. I was able to observe from home via live stream on YouTube. I am very concerned as I witnessed a lady enter the room at lunch break with some material she didn't leave with. She was alone in the room by herself digging in papers and what looks to be filling something out. You can see her pick up a ballot as well and more scuffling.

I will attach the entire video recording today, but also went back in the video to see this same woman stamping a Presidential ballot that was not filled out all the way, and was rejected. She carried it around with her, looked very suspicious, folded it and seemed to almost put it in her coat 2 times. The head lady seemed to be conspiring possibly with her, when she turned her back she ran back to the table and shoved the ballot somewhere. The lady seemed very nervous and even at times looked right at the camera that was left on through lunch. by Uptake, a local Journalist from the Twin Cities. I reported it to the Jill team and sent proof. I am not even sure if it is legal for someone to be in a room full of ballots alone with no one else. Here is that video it is at around 3hrs and 19 min I notice the man stating why the ballot was rejected. Watch the woman closely, as she is the one that also returned during the lunch break all by herself. Pics include the woman in question Also she left with a bottle of water and nothing else and returned with material in her hands. I hope this video will be relooked over very close. Something does not seem right. Will be going out next week to the location for more observation.