Melissa, St. Croix County

2 observers including myself reported on the seals that had been tampered with. I wasn't going to let this go without trying to do my best to figure out what all this meant. I called a local news station, that was very happy to help observe the seals. They did a report on it which can be found here.

After this report the reporter did NOT give up and was very willing to help us address some of our concerns and questions. One being how many machines were given to this county for the recount, as we noticed on Sunday a machine with damage and a yellow sticker covering a white one had been placed, that was never there prior. I myself have all machines video taped showing the white stickers. And another person said they also never seen a white sticker from her observations Thursday or Saturday. The reporter stated they only had 9 machines total for this recount. So between Saturday after the recount and before Sunday morning there was a yellow sticker put on one of the machines, and according to a amended affidavit signed on 12/5/2016 The last Service to any of these machines was on 11/16/2016. So no service was done during the recount. Where did the yellow sticker come from? The WI Elections Commissions put out a report about the stickers, but we didn't give up. Something was missing. Here is the report. 

Statement from Wisconsin Elections Commission

Questions have been raised by some recount observers in St. Croix County about the security of voting equipment. The Wisconsin Elections Commission has been in contact with the St. Croix County Clerk and the equipment manufacturer, Elections Systems & Software (ES&S), and is confident that this is not an issue that would have affected the accuracy of the results reported by the equipment.

St. Croix County municipalities use DS200 scanners from ES&S. After the equipment was purchased, ES&S sent out a technician to install modems in the scanners, which are used on Election Night to transmit unofficial results to the county. In order install a modem, the technician was required to break a “warranty seal” on a door on the scanner. Unfortunately, the technician apparently did not replace those seals on the doors after completing his work.

According to Gary Jacobsen, Regional Field Service Manager for ES&S: “These are warranty seals used by technicians and should not be confused with “security seals” that the County would have used on Election Day. To gain access to the inner workings of the scanner, the technician uses a T-10 Torx screwdriver that has a security tip that is needed because of the special screws that are used.” 

ES&S will produce an affidavit from the technician attesting to the fact that he was the person who broke the seals and why he did so. The Commission has asked the St. Croix County Clerk to provide a copy of that document after it has been completed. Also, the equipment will be tested following the recount.

The County Clerk reports that observers from the Stein campaign have been verifying the equipment’s accuracy for selected reporting units by observing the ballots after they are tabulated by the equipment with the broken warranty seals. They have the scanners set up on tables (without the ballot bin) so that every ballot processed by the machine slides out on the table for observers to see and count without handling the ballots. They are not doing this for every reporting unit recounted on each of the machines in question, but have verified several and all of the hand count tallies match the results tape generated by the scanner.

Based on the evidence provided by the St. Croix County Clerk’s office and ES&S, the Commission staff is confident that the voting equipment is accurately tabulating and reporting the results in St. Croix County.

The issue with this statement is that it is not adding up to the amended affidavit. Also that this mystery Yellow Sticker that showed up on 12/4/2016 was not mentioned at all in the services of the machines. The amended affidavit was signed 12/5/2016. This warrants many questions about why this was not reported and where the sticker came from?Attached is the WI Elections Commissions initial report, along with the amended affidavit. Also for verification there were only 9 machines used, you may contact the news reporter who helped us with this story. I do hope someone can figure out what is going on. I will attach also a photo of the Yellow Mystery Sticker. If you need further proof all 9 machines had white stickers applied when I recorded them on 12/3/2016 you may contact me for my video.