Michele, Waukesha County

I gave report to --. There wasn't a lot of recounting going on, much lag time...Generally, I found Waukesha to be an inhospitable place to us. Other than that, I did experience ballots going in upside down. After questioning about it, the tabulator said "These machines are great, they read them either way" His fellow tabulator said "You're not supposed to be seeing the ballots anyway, are you?" I answered that I believe I was, that this is a process for the public. This was the county to cut your teeth on...quite eye- opening. --, the clerk, and her team appeared quite disorganized, hostile at times, annoyed with us. There were many hours during which the tabulators were sitting, waiting. The machine I was at waited almost two hours to get its final count read. I am a beginner, coming from Illinois, but even so, I am feeling very suspicious about this place. Thank you to --, and the other wonderful observers I met.