Michelle, Jefferson County

Find attached three sheets for Jefferson County Wisconsin

Town of Waterloo, Town of Concord and Town of Palmyra 

Total votes for Hillary Clinton went up by 2

Total votes for Donald Trump went down by 1


For Town of Concord – 

  •  the Town Clerk did not bring his poll book so it could not be verified against the county book.  He is bringing it on Monday.  
  • 41 votes had to be done on a ballot copy because they ran out of ballots on election day.  Those were included in the totals and were confirmed today. 
  • The number of absentee envelopes was 1 less than the number of absentee votes.  They were unable to resolve this issue

No observations for 2 other municipalities.  

Overall observations

One of the people counting at the table had a black pen and all others had red.  I took a picture.  I did not observe him using it for anything other than writing down vote totals but just wanted to note it.  

Clerk, Barbara, was friendly and transparent.  No issues.  

All observers were either Green party of Democratic party.  No Trump observers were there.