**Notice: Ballots in Minnesota will list "Jill Stein / Howie Hawkins" for the Green Party presidential ticket. Minnesota ballots will not list Ajamu Baraka as the VP candidate. Voters should cast a vote for Jill Stein / Howie Hawkins. These votes are completely valid and will count toward Jill Stein's popular vote. If Jill wins the election, her electors will simply cast electoral votes for Jill and Ajamu Baraka. So a vote for Jill/Howie is a vote for Jill/Ajamu. Bottom line: Voters in Minnesota should not deface their ballot by crossing out Howie's name. They should vote for Jill Stein / Howie Hawkins.**


Want to know how you can help us keep the Revolution going? Here’s a list of volunteer initiatives you can get involved in. Sign up to become a volunteer at the bottom of this page!


Still not sure where to start? Find your nearest Regional Volunteer Coordinator and get in touch with them! If no one is available in your region, contact the State Volunteer Coordinator.

State Volunteer Coordinator

Kristen Olson


Regional Volunteer Coordinators

Deer River/Northern MN: Mel Thoresen, melthore@paulbunyan.net

Moorhead/West Cental MN: Karl Keene, keenekarl@gmail.com

Rochester/Southern MN: Barb Huning, barbhuning@gmail.com

Minneapolis/St. Paul MN: Tony Korum, adkorum@gmail.com

University of Minnesota (St. Cloud campus): Dee Fernando, nuggims@gmail.com


Tools to get you started

• Jill2016 Campaign Flyers

• Sample Letters to the Editor


Connect with other Stein/Baraka supporters in your community: 

Green Party of Minnesota website

Green Party of Minnesota Facebook page

Green Party of Minnesota Facebook group

Minnesota for Jill Stein Facebook group


How would you like to help?