We will post the reports we receive from volunteer observers here as they are received. These reports are not official positions of the Stein campaign, but our attempt to keep this process as open and transparent as possible.

Read recount observer reports by selecting a county from the list below.

Gina, Washtenaw County

Some discrepancy with the original number being 794. There were 2 provisional ballots only one was deemed countable. Continue reading

Hope, Kalamazoo County

I observed Pavilion Precinct #2. We had one challenge by a Trump supporter. The ballot that was challenged was ultimately put in Clinton's column for now, but put in a challenge envelop.  I was very surprised by how many precincts were called as NOT re countable in the short time I was there. All those lost votes! Continue reading

Sue, Washtenaw County

See attached photos. Continue reading

Cilla, Michigan County

See attached photos. Continue reading

Ruth, Washtenaw County

Ypsilanti City, Ward 3, Precinct 3, declared unrecountable -- outer ballot container seal was improperly sealed -- a hand sized gap in the zipper. Green Party attorney requested Vasudha Talla submitted a written challenge.  Ypsilanti City, Perry School, Ward 1, Precinct 1: + 5 votes went to Hillary Clinton on the recount. Continue reading

Nancy, Ingham County

All review procedures were followed by the state recount team, 2 ballots were challenged, 1 ballot had no vote for president, 1 ballot totally blank, 2 ballots were Republican straight ticket voters who voted for Clinton, 1 Democratic straight ticket voted for Trump. Continue reading

Joann, Washtenaw County

See attached photos. Continue reading

Grover, Ingham County

See 2016 Michigan Recount Report, messy, but all the information I have.

Christina, Ingham County

Mason, Michigan Ingham County Fair Grounds Main Building12pm County Clerk worker gave instructions to everyone present. Roles, procedure and rules were covered. It was roughly 10 minutes of instructions. Table U –County Clerk officials present Jon Hansen (D)/Stephanie McLean(D)* and JoAnne Kean (R) Recount of City of LansingPrecinct 21Ward 2 Bags/Seals0002273600022737*McLean replaced Hansen during the second “touch “step of recounting total number of ballots. Hansen went to work as a yellow vested observer/worker for the County Clerk.  Continue reading

Nancy C, Ingham County

The recount site was humming along when I arrived. I was trained last Thursday and was ready to go! Everyone I encountered was gracious and focused on the task ahead. At my station there was only one official challenge and that was by a Trump attorney. Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity it's enlightening.

Joe, Ingham County

White Oak Township #1Clinton 191Trump 374Johnson 29Stein 3Other 3Castle 8Soltysik 1 Continue reading

James, Oakland County

Rochester Hills Pct#26Vote count matched no challenges.Clinton - 516Trump - 647Johnson - 39Stein - 9

Megan, Ingham County

Ward 2 Precinct 20: one challenge, no mark between arrowsWard 3 Precinct 27: Two challenges, both about circles around only the arrow head, with one of them touching the actual arrow and the other not.Ward 4 Precinct 33: none Continue reading

Charles, Ingham County

Ward 2 / Precinct 13. 814 total votes. Before Recount: Dem: 512 Rep: 231 Lib: 42 Grn: 12. After Recount: Dem: 514 Rep: 231 Lib: 42 Grn: 12. Clinton +2 votes. (Invalid write-ins were overriden by straight party vote).

Betty, Ingham County

Everyone (from people working for the SOS, the people who recounted the votes to the Trump observer), has been very polite and professional. It is really an interesting experience that comes once in a lifetime (last recount in MI was 1950?). I encourage people to come and experience it first hand. Continue reading