Let's Make Fundraising History for Jill! 
Be a part of Jill's first “Money Boom”!

How much money
can we raise in 24 hours?

Let's show the media and Jill's detractors how serious our campaign is...
Let's raise $1M and more between 12 Noon August 5—12 Noon August 6! 

The 24-Hour Jillapalooza Money Boom!

Jill is exploding in the media and we now have hundreds of thousands of supporters!
In the coming weeks, those hundreds of thousands will explode to millions if we do our work.

To prove how strong Jill's campaign is, it's time for our first...


Jill's is booming in the media and hundreds of thousands of people just like you have raised their hands as supporters, donors, and volunteers! 

Let's prove the strength of Jill's financial support by everyone contributing as much as we can in 24 hours... 12 Noon August 5 to 12 Noon August 6, the day Jill will formally accept the Green Party Nomination in Houston.

Even if you can't make it to Houston, you can take part in the celebration by contributing to the Money Boom and telling all your friends and family about it so they can contribute, too!

Why is it called

Ron Paul actually invented the “money bomb” in 2007—the first time the internet was used for viral fundraising for a political campaign. Considered a fringe candidate, Ron Paul's supporters raised over 4.2 MILLION DOLLARS on November 5, 2007.

We call it a money boom because Jill's support is booming! So... Money BOOM for Jill!

Here's a sample email you can send 

The way to maximize donations is to contact all your friends, family, and organizations who you think may agree with Jill's call for a Green New Deal, abolition of student debt, income equality, aggressive solutions to climate change, and so much more.

[START OF SAMPLE EMAIL]------------------------

Dear [Name of friend or “friends”],

Hundreds of thousands of people across the nation are beginning to hear and understand the critical and hope-filled message of people and planet before profits, thanks to Jill Stein's run for president on the Green Party ticket. 

Countless hours and dollars have been sacrificed to advance this movement and August 6, the day when Jill will be formally nominated by the Green Party, is another opportunity for you to help. 

People like me who support Jill are setting aside the 24 hours from 12 Noon August 5 to 12 Noon August 6 to encourage everyone we know to donate at least $5 per person to Jill2016, her campaign for president.

If we all work together, hundreds of thousands of donations from people like you and me will guarantee Jill continues to gain exposure. This in spite of concerted attempts by the mainstream media and special interests to suppress and marginalize her and our message. 

Together, we can set off the equivalent of a sonic boom in the media and nation-wide that will carry Jill's message to millions more people in time for the November election. 

1. Please make a donation of at least $5 to: http://www.jill2016.com/money_boom_donation_page

2. Please forward this message onto your distribution list(s).

Three Powerful Videos to share with your friends:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

More Information 



[Your Name Here]

 ------------------------[END OF SAMPLE EMAIL]------------------------

How to maximize your impact:
Send to all of your Meetup members, Myspace friends, Facebook buddies, Youtube pals, message board companions and email contacts.

Here's 3 more things you can do
online to increase the total money we raise:

Email your local Green Party.

Email one Anti-War Organization.

Email one local climate change/save the earth organization. 

Jill2016 is the Last
Clean Money Campaign Left Standing

Jill Stein does not accept a dime of corporate, PAC, or special-interest money. Every donation is from an individual like you.

Will you join the tens of thousands of other working Americans for 24 hours from 12 Noon August 5 to 12 Noon August 6 to celebrate Jill's nomination, raise the most money ever by a Green candidate in 24 hours, and continue to make Jill's rise in the polls possible?

 Thanks! Keep an eye out on Sunday, August 7. We'll announce the total then. 

As Jill says... It's in our hands!"

(or otherwise occupied)

We can build a better future together.