Montana Ballot Access

Please click here to make sure you've signed up with our volunteer coordinator, Ryan Moore, to get Jill on the ballot.

In Montana, we need your help to collect 5,000 signatures from registered voters in the state on a specific petitioning sheet to get Jill on the ballot. We have until August 17 to do it.


Download the Petition Sheet Here*


* Petition sheets must be double-sided, with the Candidate Declaration / Oath on the front and the Petition sheet on the reverse.

* The Candidate Declaration / Oath is to be left as-is, and the Petition sheet is to be signed by registered voters.

* Each set of no more than 25 petition signatures must also be accompanied by an Affidavit sheet signed by the petitioner. Each Affidavit sheet must be signed in the presence of a public notary and then notarized.


Please contact the statewide or regional ballot-access coordinators to get started.


Other Downloadable Resources

Affidavit Sheet, to be signed by the petitioner in the presence of a notary and then notarized (each set of no more than 25 signatures must be accompanied by a signed and notarized affidavit sheet)

Petitioning Script

Jill2016 Campaign Flyers

Petitioning guidelines from the secretary of state (see page 14 and on)

Statewide Coordinator

Ryan Moore — Bozeman


Regional Coordinators

Contact Ryan Moore ( if you would like to coordinate your region or town!

Northwest (Kalispell, Missoula)

Paul Daughtry (Kalispell)

Dani Breck (Missoula)

Southwest (Helena, Butte, Bozeman)

Heidi Wendell (Helena)

Ryan Moore (Bozeman)

North/Northeast (Great Falls, Havre, Sidney)

Melissa Smylie (Great Falls - primary contact)

Matthew Washington (Great Falls - secondary contact)

South/Southeast (Billings, Miles City)

Ta'jin Perez (Billings)


Online Resources

Petitioning planning and discussion group (Montana Green Party Facebook group)

Montana for Jill Stein Facebook page

We can build a better future together.