Roger, Muskegon County

I watched the recount for Roosevelt Park Precinct 1. When I had to depart, the Stein and Johnson votes had been totaled, but the recount of Clinton and Trump votes was still proceeding. Continue reading

Amanda, Muskegon County

I did Moorland Township Precinct 1 in Muskegon county and the votes matched-742 total.

Judith, Muskegon County

My family of three were observers/challengers for Jill Stein at the Lakeland Township recount during the time slot of 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on December 7, 2016. We were informed at the front desk that it was very crowded and there would be "some standing." Nancy Waters gave the Jill Stein observers a brief set of instructions out in the hall. She also told us that they had attempted to find a larger hall, but could not. This seemed a bit far fetched to me.Jen Judd greeted us in the hall and gave us forms to be filled out, clipboards and a pen and some instructions. After the woman representative from the state gave the introduction and some rules and instructions (including that we weren't allowed any of the refreshments or drinks that were supplied for the officials), we were asked to find our own table to observe. The "officials" at my table were Jeff Abram and Erma Gibson. There was also another observer/challenger named Sandee who had a Donald Trump lanyard. Continue reading

David, Muskegon County

I observed Table 12 @ Laketon Township Hall recount location in Muskegon County, recounting Cedar Creek Township Precinct #1. Due to the inadequately small size of the room, chairs were not allowed for observers, who had to stand for the duration -- a genuine hardship for some. Several observers did ultimately place chairs for themselves at recount tables without official complaint. There were no refreshments provided for observers until the Stein campaign delivered some around noon, and the water fountain was out of order, but there was a small sink in the recount room.   Continue reading