MintPress: Jill Stein and Green Party "set to break out"

MintPress News, May 11, 2016 Jill Stein And The Green Party Set To Break Out In 2016 by Aaron Posey Continue reading

Jill Stein campaigns in Maine

The Brunswick Times Record, May 10, 2016 Green Party candidate offers views Makes stop in Brunswick by Douglas McIntire Continue reading

Jill Stein tops Sanders on key progressive issues

Bustle, May 6, 2016 Jill Stein Versus Bernie Sanders on the Progressive Issues That Matter Most by Madhuri Sathish Continue reading

Writer says U.S. needs four parties

The Hill, May 5, 2016 America Needs Four Parties by Bernie Quigley On Fox News, the station that plays in the background where I work, a somewhat different spirit entered into their studio on Wednesday. In several touching moments, commentators and hosts paused to honor one another for the work they had done together this past year. This seemed a different day; something historic had happened and they were proud to have been part of it and proud of each other. After the Indiana GOP primary on Tuesday, it seemed the beginning of something. And it turned so quickly when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz left the race in the night. Something had ended, something had begun and Ohio Gov. John Kasich felt it as well by noon the next day, when he announced that he would also leave the race. The race to the Republican nomination was over; tycoon Donald Drumpf had won. Indeed, an awareness seemed to be setting in that his was a legitimate, new approach -- an awakening -- to governance in the new millennium; unbeholden to the past, unbeholden to anyone. The glass had been shattered. Continue reading

Vice: Jill Stein an alternative to Clinton and Trump

Vice, May 5, 2015 Here Are Some People You Can Vote for Not Named Drumpf or Clinton by Harry Cheadle Continue reading

Why America Needs a Woman President this Mother’s Day

As families around the country celebrate the women in their lives this Sunday with gifts and dinners, I am reminded of the origins of Mother’s Day and how much we need that sentiment today.  Women organized for peace, spoke out against war and grieved for every son that had been killed.  Mother’s Work Day and Friendship Clubs took action by fighting poverty and unsanitary living conditions for poor women and children. Continue reading

Dr. Jill Stein Applauds National Health Program

Physician-Candidate for President, Jill Stein, Applauds National Health Program. Says It’s Urgently Needed. Continue reading

Connecticut newspaper: "Sanders voters can turn to Stein"

The Norwich Bulletin, May 6, 2016 Our View: Sanders voters can turn to Stein Continue reading

CounterPunch: Jill Stein offers a progressive choice

CounterPunch, May 4, 2016 The Story of Jill Stein: Putting People, Peace and the Planet Before Profits by Leslie Scott Continue reading

Jill talks with the Humanist Report

The Humanist Report interviewed Jill Stein about her presidential campaign and the issues confronting the U.S. and the world. The complete audio runs just under 42 minutes. Continue reading