More Than a Protest: Why Voting Green Counts

Jill Stein's campaign manager makes the case for a Green political revolution.By David Cobb originally published at In These Times This November, millions of Americans will vote for non-violent revolution by casting ballots for Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka on the Green Party ticket. Let that sink in for a moment. Millions of people rejecting the politics of fear and embracing the vision that together we can transform society. The Stein/Baraka campaign (for which I am the campaign manager) is not about mere “protest,” although we are proud of our candidates’ courageous stand at the Dakota Access pipeline demonstrations. It goes deeper than that. It is a movement campaign that is designed to serve as the electoral arm for the growing demands for structural change. Greens know that unless we transform existing social, political, economic and legal systems, we cannot have a peaceful, just, democratic and sustainable future for our children and ourselves. Continue reading

The media — and many Democrats — need to stop attacking Jill Stein unfairly

Originally posted at There is both a principled and strategic component to voting choices in presidential elections. In principle, citizens should cast their votes for whichever candidate’s views align most with their own. Strategic voting, on the other hand, includes a voter’s assessment of the probability that various voting choices will lead to desired outcomes. These components are related to some degree; voters are more likely to agree about which candidate to vote for if they agree in principle on which candidate is best. Yet principled and strategic voting are not the same. One might believe a third-party candidate to be optimal, for example, but still vote for a major party candidate because of the higher probability that the major party candidate will win the election. Continue reading

Jill Stein: Why 5% for the Green Party is a win for America

In 1854, a few thousand people gathered in Jackson, Michigan to launch an independent challenge to a national political system dominated by two parties. "Of strange, discordant, and even hostile elements," a party leader later recalled, "we gathered from the four winds…[with] every external circumstance against us." This challenge was fueled by the radical abolitionist movement that united white workers and formerly enslaved Africans against the criminal institution of slavery, as a response to the political crisis caused by the Kansas-Nebraska Act. In just two years, this insurgent third party — created by movement activists — had gained ground across the Northern states, challenging the Whig Party. In short order this insurgent "third party" had become a major opposition party. By 1858 they had won an influential foothold in Congress, and by 1860, that party leader — Abraham Lincoln — was elected President of the United States. Continue reading

The Best Ballot Plan Now? ‘Strategic’ Voting for the Stein-Baraka Green Party Ticket

By Kevin Zeese Originally published at Editor’s note: Kevin Zeese is co-director of Popular Resistance and a senior adviser to the Green Party’s Jill Stein-Ajamu Baraka campaign. Donald Trump is campaigning to win 40 percent of the vote for president—and he’s close, with recent polls showing him in the high 30s. But his final performance will not help. Trump is focusing on topics that will prevent him from broadening his base, such as the women he accuses of lying about his alleged sexual assaults, and what he calls the rigged election. He is fighting with other Republicans, like Paul Ryan, and with Republican state leaders, most notably in Ohio. His refusal to say he will accept the outcome of the election is creating more conflict with Republicans and raising doubts with voters. Continue reading

Jill Stein: The Best Way to Boost the Economy Is by Saving the Planet

Originally published at Dr. Stein holds “People’s Debate” outside Hofstra gates on September 26, 2016. Photo by Erik McGregor —Pacific Press/AP Our nation — and our world — face a perfect storm of economic and environmental crises that threaten not only the global economy, but life on Earth as we know it. The dire, existential threats of climate change, wars for oil, and a stagnating, crisis-ridden economic system require bold and visionary solutions. In this election, we are deciding not just what kind of a world we want, but whether we will have a world at all. There is a growing concern in advanced economies that governments are running out of options to stabilize a precarious and volatile global economic system. Since the onset of the Great Recession in 2008, the Fed’s large-scale bond purchases, called quantitative easing, have helped push interest rates close to 0% and have done more to serve Wall Streets’ interests by way of propping up the stock market than by boosting the overall economy for average Americans. Continue reading

A Good Year to Go Green (Party)

Originally published October 25 at The Hill We were treated to a double “October surprise” on Friday, Oct. 7. The video of Donald Trump crowing that his celebrity status entitles him to assault women slightly eclipsed Hillary Clinton's leaked speeches. But we still learned that Clinton holds "public and private positions," that her populist promises regarding free trade, preserving Social Security, and checking the power of Wall Street probably won't survive Inauguration Day. Millions of voters have figured out that the two major parties don't represent them. They're right. It's not a two-party system, it's a two-party racket. They're frustrated with a choice that, we're told, is limited to two nominees with deep disapproval ratings. Voter dissatisfaction is reflected in polls that show broad support for a choice of more than two on the ballot. Continue reading

Jill Stein op-ed: Break the blackout on political competition in America

October 20, 2016The Chicago TribuneBy Jill SteinA voter revolt is brewing in America. People are fed up, and they should be. The super rich are destroying our economy, sending our jobs overseas and making our planet uninhabitable. But instead of offering real solutions, the two-party system has produced the two most disliked and distrusted candidates in history.In a Fox News poll from Sept. 30, 57 percent of voters said their choice in the presidential election is motivated primarily not by enthusiasm, but by fear of the other candidate.Democrats and Republicans have lost ground to independents, now the largest voting block. Meanwhile, an incredible 57 percent of Americans polled recently by Gallup say the Democratic and Republican parties have failed and we need a new major party. In short, the American people are ready for real competition to the two-party system. Continue reading

Jill Stein Participated in Third Presidential Debate While Hospitalized in Austin, TX

Dr. Stein with her livestream production team at the hospital in Austin, TX. Despite an illness which prevented her from traveling to Las Vegas for the final presidential debate on Wednesday, October 19th, Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein livestreamed her responses to the presidential debate questions in real time and held a Facebook Q&A from her hospital room in Austin, Texas, in a two hour-plus Facebook Live session that has reached nearly 3.5 million viewers and rising as her debate commentary went viral on social media. "Emerging from two days of fabulous hospital care, I feel profoundly fortunate, and am more determined than ever to fight for health care as a human right for all Americans through an improved Medicare for All health insurance program," Dr. Stein said after being discharged from the hospital on Thursday afternoon. "I am also grateful to all who tuned in on Wednesday evening to hear my responses in a debate that was otherwise shamefully lacking in substance and drenched in deception." Continue reading

Final Debate

Jill Smashes the "Spoiler" Issue on C-SPAN

Did you see Jill and Ajamu Tuesday night during the C-SPAN Town Hall? If you did, you know just how awesome they were. If you didn’t, you missed quite a progressive performance. Luckily, you can see it on our website. Answering questions from the moderator, questions from tweets, and questions from callers, Jill and Ajamu outlined clearly what's at stake for voters on a wide range of topics. They took on climate change to war in Syria to institutionalized racism and police brutality. A highlight of the hour-long program came when a Hillary supporter, Steve from Wisconsin, asked Jill if she would take her name off the ballot in battleground states because he was worried that Jill will act as a “spoiler” for Hillary in those states. Continue reading