Cornel West Endorses Jill and Ajamu

Let me introduce myself.  I am Dr. Cornel West, a teacher of philosophy and a citizen the US republic. I wholeheartedly support Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. And I’m writing to you today to let you know, they have my endorsement - and I know they have your support as well. You know, I’ve never been tied to one party or one candidate or even one institution. And that’s true even with one church as a Christian. I’m committed to truth and justice. I know you are, too. I came late to the Green Party, but right on time; I was a tireless supporter and surrogate for Brother Bernie Sanders … he was the standard-bearer for truth and justice during the primary at a national level, at a highly visible level. Maybe you supported him, too. But once he endorsed Hillary Clinton, I had to endorse Jill and Ajamu. Why? Because Hillary Clinton is a neoliberal disaster. Continue reading

Stein Opposes Obama’s Troops on the Ground in Syria

It has recently been brought to our attention that our website contained an old statement posted without the approval of our candidate that did not accurately reflect the position of our campaign or the Green Party. We apologize for any confusion and concern this has caused. Please click here to read Jill Stein's most recent statement regarding the war in Syria.

Jill Stein on Syria

The situation in Syria is complicated and disastrous, with an all-out civil war in Syria entangled with a proxy war among many powers seeking influence in the region. US pursuit of regime change in Libya and Iraq created chaos that promotes power grabs by extremist militias. Many of the weapons we are sending into Syria to arm anti-government militias end up in the hands of ISIS. In Syria it’s extremely difficult to sort out this complicated web of resistance fighters, religious extremists and warlords with backing from regional and world powers. Continue reading

The debate through the Green Party lens

Despite the efforts to silence the competition for the two establishment parties by excluding us from the televised presidential debates, we were able to reach millions of voters with our message using the open Internet and a cutting edge social media campaign. The debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), a front group created by the Democratic and Republican parties to fool the American public, are anti-democratic. The two parties should not have the power to decide that their opponents cannot debate. That is not what democracy looks like. Continue reading

Join Jill at Hofstra in New York to protest the presidential debates

Today, the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to exclude Jill Stein and Gary Johnson from the debates. We expected this decision and are escalating our actions to get Jill and Ajamu Baraka into the debates. The first debate is coming up fast.We're writing to ask you to join us at the first presidential debate on Monday, September 26, at Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island (25 miles east of New York City).  Please RSVP here to come to Hofstra and participate in the protest. Continue reading

Opening The Debates, Ajamu Baraka on Black Agenda Radio

September 13, 2016 This week's Black Agenda Radio features the struggle for open presidential debates and an interview with Ajamu Baraka, and other fierce, grassroots independent reporting: Networks Need to “Do Their Jobs” and Hold 4-Way Debates RootsAction.Org is circulating a petition urging the television networks and cable news operations to “do their job, to hold a presidential debate with all the candidates that should appropriately be in it,” said veteran antiwar activist David Swanson. Continue reading

Support Students and Professors in the LIU Lockout

September 12, 2016 Thousands of students at Long Island University-Brooklyn walked out of classes at noon today in solidarity with their professors who have been locked out of teaching.Students are not getting the education they deserve and professors are not being fully compensated. Meanwhile, students are paying for classes that are being taught by substitutes, including unqualified administrators. If LIU’s administration is successful, this will set a dangerous precedent for higher education institutions in America. That’s wrong. Continue reading

Jill Stein's Statement On 9/11

On the 15th Anniversary, We Need to Learn the Full Story of 9/11 and to End the Catastrophic Wars on Terror That Followed Fifteen years ago the world reacted in horror as more than 3,000 individuals were murdered. We honor those victims, and the heroic first responders of that day. Continue reading

Jill Stein, facing possible charges for protest, calls out Dakota Access Pipeline for “vandalism on steroids”: unleashing attack dogs, endangering water and climate, and destroying sacred sites

BISMARCK, ND - Jill Stein responded to reports that North Dakota authorities plan to press charges against her for participating in civil disobedience against the Dakota Access Pipeline Tuesday morning. The action was led by Indigenous water defenders who locked down onto construction equipment. Days earlier the same bulldozers were used to assault the ancestral grave sites of the Standing Rock Sioux nation. Pipeline management at that time had unleashed vicious attack dogs on the peaceful protestors and sprayed pepper spray into protesters' faces. In support of the action that stopped pipeline construction on Tuesday, Stein spray-painted the words "I approve this message" onto the blade of a bulldozer that had been tagged with other messages of protest and that had been used to destroy sacred burial sites of the Standing Rock Sioux. Continue reading

How the Debates Got Corrupted

September 2, 2016 Here’s the story of how the elites deceived the American public: 1988 was a milestone year.Up until then, the League of Women Voters impartially sponsored presidential debates.That setup didn’t cut it for Democrats and Republicans, which had corporate interests in mind.So they teamed up to create a corporation called the Commission on Presidential Debates. They set out to deceive Americans by using an official-sounding word like “commission” in their name.Think about it: Political opponents were willing to work together for the greater evil. Continue reading