We Stand with the Standing Rock Sioux - No Dakota Access Pipeline!


The Dakota Access pipeline would transport 570,000 barrels of crude oil through four states and 1,172 miles. The pipeline's construction had been occurring through sacred tribal land that is protected by U.S. treaties. When — not if — the pipeline leaks, it will pollute drinking water for millions of people in the Midwest. The Standing Rock Sioux and countless other people from tribes around the country have converged at the site of construction.

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Some Updates:

RT: 167 DAPL Protesters Injured in Altercations with ND Police

TYT: Barbaric Oil Police Try and Freeze Water Protectors to Death

Official Stein/Baraka Statements on #NoDAPL


11/6/16 - Stein/Baraka Campaign and Green Party Answer Call for Support at Standing Rock

10/27/16 - Stein/Baraka Campaign Condemns Police Actions, Calls to Honors Treaties with Standing Rock Sioux

10/10/16 - In Honor of Indigenous Peoples' Day

9/7/16 - Jill Stein, facing possible charges for protest, calls our Dakota Access Pipeline "vandalism on steroids": unleashing attack dogs, endangering water and climate, and destroying sacred sites.

8/24/16 - Stein & Baraka call for half to Dakota Access Pipeline contstruction, say US must honor treaties with Native Americans.

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