North Carolina Ballot Access

North Carolina has one of the most restrictive ballot-access laws in the nation. The state requires a third party or independent candidate to collect 90,000 petition signatures by May 15 from registered voters just to get on the ballot, while most states require tens of thousands fewer signatures.

The North Carolina Green Party submitted over 10,000 signatures May 15. Read their press release here on the undemocratic signature requirement. The party is now pursuing legislative and other means to get Jill Stein and the Green Party on the ballot for 2016. So please check back here later in the summer for those developments.

In the meantime, the Stein campaign is pursuing write-in status in North Carolina so that voters may write Jill's name on their ballot. To achieve that status, we need to collect several hundred signatures from registered voters on the petition here:


Download the Petition Sheet Here



• The signer must be registered to vote in the county that you write at the top of the petition sheet. For this reason, you will need to take multiple sheets with you while petitioning, as you'll encounter people who are registered in various counties.

• Please mail all sheets to

   Jan Martell
   703 Cleveland St.
   Durham, NC 27701


Please also click here to make sure you've signed up at our volunteer page to get Jill on the ballot. Check the box labeled “I will petition to get Jill Stein on the ballot” to help with the North Carolina write-in campaign and to stay updated on legal and legislative methods to get on the ballot in North Carolina.

You may sign up with the North Carolina Green Party below.

Statewide Write-In Coordinator

Jan Martell
Triangle Area

Online Resources / Discussion and Planning Groups

North Carolina Green Party website

North Carolina Green Party Facebook group

North Carolina Green Party Facebook page

Jill Stein for North Carolina Facebook page



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