North Carolina

***NOTE: Voters should write in Jill Stein for president in North Carolina. Write in "Jill Stein" and nothing more. Our campaign will not be featured on the ballot, but a write-in vote for Jill is valid and will be counted. Do not write in Ajamu Baraka's name or the Green Party name. If Jill wins 2% of the popular vote in North Carolina, this will establish a ballot line for the North Carolina Green Party.***

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Still not sure where to start? Find your nearest Regional Volunteer Coordinator and get in touch with them! If no one is available in your region, contact the State Volunteer Coordinator.

State Volunteer Coordinator

Tony Ndege

Organizing/Volunteering Hub for Jill

North Carolina Jill Stein Organizers

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Write-In Instructional Flyer

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• Sample Letters to the Editor

Suggested topics for North Carolina letters to the editor:

1) In NC, voters should write in the name "Jill Stein" for president (and not "Ajamu Baraka" or "Green Party").
2) Two percent of the NC vote for Jill results in a ballot line for the North Carolina Green Party.
3) Five percent of the national popular vote results in millions of dollars in federal grants for the national Green Party, and a write-in vote for Jill in NC helps toward that goal.
4) Jill Stein is the only progressive presidential candidate that people in NC may cast a valid vote for.

Connect with other Stein/Baraka supporters in your community: 

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