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If You Feel Like Your Student Debt Keeps Growing... You're Right! And It Will Continue To - Until The Right President is Elected!

Jill_speaking.pngMeet Jill Stein, Presidential Candidate on the Green Party Ticket who supports forgiving all student loan debt - $1.3 trillion dollars. Jill is the right president for the right time.

Most student debt (86%) is owed to the federal government. And forgiving student debt would not be expensive. The cost of Jill's "Jubilee program" (student loan forgiveness) would be less than the 2001 federal tax cuts – which primarily benefited the rich.

Jill_with_students.pngJill Stein believes that if our government can do it for the people who crashed our economy, our government can do it for men and women who are facing a mountain of student debt.  

Imagine how much healthier the economy would be if your student loan payments were put toward buying a house, a  new car, or starting a new business! 

Can the President alone do this? Yes, because the President appoints the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve has the power to do this—Ben Bernake did it for the Banksters. Janet Yellin's replacement can do it for you.

It takes the right President. Vote for Jill Stein on November 8. 

  • She will take action on climate change (100% clean energy by 2030). 
  • She supports LGBTQI rights
  • She supports the legalization of mariguana 
  • She supports the Black Lives Matter Movement. 
  • She want single payer health care of all. 
  • She wants a foreign policy based on human rights and justice for all – allowing us to cut our military budget by at least 50%.

Before you vote, donate on this page to keep the last clean money campaign going strong!

Help us, and you help yourself! 




Jill Stein

Jill Stein for Presidential
P.O. Box 260197
Madison, WI 53726

“This election, choose the greater good over the lesser evil. Our lives depend on it.”