Observer, Columbia County

I observed for a short period of time. The room was set up as if they didn't want or expect people to show up. Very little room to observe. Would have been nice to have some seating to make you feel like you were only intruding. I was told to stand back and not to communicate. Heard of one instance where an absentee ballot's name did not match the envelope's name. There were mostly older people running the tables. They were getting things done, but it seems as if they should have been taking it more seriously. I do know there were shift changes due to seeing one person out of the recount room elsewhere in the town it took place soon after a chunk of people left or started to. 

Overall, seems like the place checked off okay. Only big complaint was the whole setup of the room making it hard to observe. Especially in back being they told us not to go behind any tables or get too close. I am wondering about that absentee ballot without the name match though. It was in a small township, where a few votes could really make a difference for that area. 
You were also required to sign in with your full name and address aswell as a slot for party affiliation.
Same deal with the name tag.