Occupy Cincinnati: 5 Years Later - March against the TPP

So many of the challenges facing society five years ago that inspired us to unity around common struggle still remain to this day. Let us rally once again at Piatt Park, the epicenter of Cincinnati's Occupy movement, to show that the strength of our bonds and will persevere. Please come in support of the water protectors in the Dakotas, Iowa and Illinois, the nationwide incarcerated workers strike, the fight against constitutionally corrosive trade deals like the TPP, TTIP and TSiP as well as our burgeoning Green movement! We want to hear and share in your concerns for our neighbors in Flint, Michigan languishing in a disaster zone birthed of incompetence and greed, and for immoral treatment of the numerous heroes persecuted and prosecuted under the Obama administration's war on whistleblowers. This revolution is for the 100% so come lend your spirit and your voice as a part of helping create a world that works for everyone! Please RSVP here and at the link below.


Will you come?