Elaine, Ozaukee County

I observed several groupings of wards. Sometimes ballots from different ward groupings got in with wrong ward.  Was always located and resolved . In nearly every grouping , the number of absentee votes counted on Election Day exceeded the number of absentee ballots identified at the recount. total ballots did match number reported election night

Laureen, Ozaukee County

As I attempted to enter the rooms where recounts were being conducted I was asked for my canvasser credentials. Not permitted in the room without them. Recount has been completed without material change.

Marjie, Ozaukee County

well organized and well done recount....sadly, no real change in the results from this county.

Paul, Ozaukee County

OzNotes5 is my notes on Dec 5 for each Precinct (three precincts per page). This ties back to OzSummary.This was the final day of the recount for Ozaukee County Continue reading

Paul, Ozaukee County

OzNotes4 is my notes on Dec 4 for each Precinct (three precincts per page). This ties back to OzSummaryI was not present for City of Port Washington Wards 1,2 and 7 but was told that the paperwork was flawless. The Clerk in Port Washington struck me as the most competent. She's been clerk for 16 years. Continue reading

Paul, Ozaukee County

I have already sent the notes. I found the documentation for observers confusing at best so I created something useful after observing for the first day.1. OzSummary is four pages printed from the County website of the results of the Presidential elections. I used this to verify totals as read from the "tape" and to record differences at the end of each precinct. Most of the time I recorded valid write-ins near the original column and both invalids and "blank" votes to the right. This is a summary for ALL the precincts across all the days.OzNotes1 is my (sorry) handwritten notes from Dec 1 which defined the form you will see in Notes2-5.  Most preliminary reconciliation was done by the Clerk's office before the recount. The Board of Canvass reviewed each reconciliation and, in only one case (Fredonia 1-4) did they order the reconciliation be repeated. This added 90-100 minutes to the recount for that precinct and highlighted the need for better training in Fredonia.[OzNotes2 - OzNotes5 will be uploaded individually since this form specifies a date.] Continue reading