Pam, Door County

Several concerns: Observers were seated apart from the people counting the votes, so the actual ballots are not visible to observers. The guidelines posted outside of the counting room specified that objections could only be raised by a designated representative, but there was no such person at the Door County site. Therefore, no one was eligible to voice objections. 

In addition, while there were people going through the poll lists to validate the numbers, those numbers were never announced to observers. Therefore, observers could not ensure that the number of voters and the number of votes were equal. This is especially concerning in light of other reports where the number of votes exceeded the number of voters. If this were to happen in Door County, the observers would be unaware of it. As for the instructions given to volunteers via the Stein campaign, please be sure to note that blue and black pens are not allowed into the counting room, nor are pencils. Anyone wishing to take notes or document things will need to bring pens of other colors.