Paul, Ozaukee County

I have already sent the notes. I found the documentation for observers confusing at best so I created something useful after observing for the first day.

1. OzSummary is four pages printed from the County website of the results of the Presidential elections. I used this to verify totals as read from the "tape" and to record differences at the end of each precinct. Most of the time I recorded valid write-ins near the original column and both invalids and "blank" votes to the right. This is a summary for ALL the precincts across all the days.

OzNotes1 is my (sorry) handwritten notes from Dec 1 which defined the form you will see in Notes2-5.  

Most preliminary reconciliation was done by the Clerk's office before the recount. The Board of Canvass reviewed each reconciliation and, in only one case (Fredonia 1-4) did they order the reconciliation be repeated. This added 90-100 minutes to the recount for that precinct and highlighted the need for better training in Fredonia.

[OzNotes2 - OzNotes5 will be uploaded individually since this form specifies a date.]