Look out Hillary! Presidential candidate intends to be Bernie supporters' Plan B.

Written by Lori Stacey December 26th, 2015
In an interview for Denton Times LifeGreen Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein explains that she thinks it is wonderful that Bernie Sanders' campaign is bringing up some of the issues that it is. Dr. Stein was the Green Party's nominee for President in 2012. She had announced that she is seeking her party's nomination again in 2016 back in June on "Democracy Now!". 

Could she be an alternative for Bernie Sanders' supporters in November?
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

She believes the DNC machine will eventually knock-out Bernie Sanders and does not want his supporters to be forced into falling in line with Hillary Clinton, feeling like they have no place left to go. Therefore, Dr. Stein is asking for his supporters to think about helping her party now with ballot access in order to have another option on the ballot in November as a "Plan B" for them.

While she agrees with Sanders on many issues, she points out in the interview a couple of important differences. She appears to be passionately against the continued funding of countries with human rights abuses that she believes are in violation of International Law such as: Saudi Arabia and Israel. Although Sanders does not emphasize his position on this issue while on the campaign trail, she is correct that he definitely does support their continued funding. Some of his supporters may not realize that at this point, partly because it does not seem to be a major focus of his campaign. The two candidates do differ on foreign policy and foreign aid.

Another difference she states is that she considers whistleblowers to be heroes such as Edward Snowden and others whom Bernie Sanders would like to see prosecuted. If voters looked at their specific positions on the issues, there would likely be more differences but these are a couple that she mentioned. Still though, the difference in views between herself and Hillary Clinton would absolutely be far greater than her differences with Sanders.

The Green Party's nomination will be officially decided at their national convention which is reported on their website to likely be held August 4-7, 2016. It is interesting that they seem to be intentionally holding it this time after the Democrats hold their national convention. The Greens acknowledge that there is great interest in Bernie Sanders' candidacy but they will be nominating their own candidate. If Sanders becomes interested in their nomination, he would realistically need to make a switch before too many state primaries have been held. That is very unlikely to happen but would be historic as he could automatically become the Green Party's first sitting US Senator upon changing his party affiliation.