Stein/Baraka Campaign and Green Party Answer Call For Support at Standing Rock

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 6, 2016The indigenous water protectors and land defenders at Standing Rock are on the front line of the #NoDAPL struggle. They have issued a call for solidarity, support, and supplies, and the Stein/Baraka campaign and the Green Party of the United States has answered the call. Green Party co-chair and Stein/Baraka staffer Andrea Mérida Cuellar and  Dawn Neptune Adams, an indigenous woman from the Penobscot tribe and member of the Maine Independent Green Party executive committee, and several members of the Colorado Green Party arrived in Standing Rock on Wednesday, November 2, to support the encampment and direct actions of the water protectors. Continue reading

Stein/Baraka Campaign Welcomes International Election Observers, Calls for Protection and Accountability Against Voter Suppression & Irregularities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 4, 2016Stein/Baraka Campaign Welcomes International Election Observers, Calls for Protection and Accountability Against Voter Suppression & IrregularitiesToday, following an invitation to observe the U.S. elections and a mandate from a Needs Assessment Mission conducted earlier this year, a group of 400+ international election observers will arrive in the United States on an Election Observation Mission undertaken by the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and its Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. Continue reading

Stein/Baraka Campaign Condemns Police Actions, Calls to Honor Treaties with Standing Rock Sioux

    The Stein/Baraka campaign is horrified and outraged at the militarized repression of water protectors at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota. Police and private security forces have engaged in violent actions against peaceful earth defenders who have come to protect the land and water from the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.   We condemn the violent repression of the peaceful protests against DAPL as human rights abuses, including the use of attack dogs and pepper spray against peaceful demonstrators, the persecution of journalists, the authorization of weaponized drones, the disruption of prayer ceremonies, and the desecration of sacred burial sites. These are not the actions of public servants sworn to protect and serve the community, but the unconscionable oppression of an occupying army against the original inhabitants of this land.   Continue reading

Stein/Baraka Say US Elections May Be Rigged - But Not How Trump Thinks

The Green Party Presidential ticket of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka released a statement today in response to recent controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s warnings that the presidential election may be rigged, as well as Democrats’ warnings that Russian hackers may try to interfere with the vote. “Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are raising unprecedented doubts – from very different directions – about the reliability of the upcoming vote count,” said Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential candidate. “Trump conjures up fictional armies of people engaged in ‘voter fraud.’ The mainstream media and the Democrats are obsessed with “Russian hackers.” In the meantime, President Obama scoffs at the notion of election rigging. But in fact, there are serious election integrity issues in the US that we need to address. Just as important, the system is rigged to ensure that the Democratic and Republican parties continue to dominate while political competition is effectively barred.” Continue reading

Stein/Baraka campaign calls for nationwide transition to ranked choice voting

Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, Green Party candidates for President and Vice President, called today for Americans of all political persuasions to come together to support ranked choice voting. Ranked choice voting, which is already used in cities across the country, is on a statewide ballot for the first time in Maine. Stein noted: “Voters across America are frustrated by our broken voting system. Although the Democratic and Republican parties dominate our government at every level, 57% of Americans polled this year agreed that a new major party is needed because the establishment parties do such a poor job of representing us. Yet even after these parties nominated the most unpopular presidential candidates in history, most voters currently plan to support them, although an incredible 57% are basing their choice primarily on fear of the opposing candidate, according to a recent poll. Continue reading

Stein Urges Support for over 250 Green Party Candidates

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka call on voters to support over 250 Green Party candidates running for state and local office in 2016. "Across America, the Green Party is offering alternatives to the failed two-party system," said Stein. "Each time we put a Green on a city council or a local board, the political atmosphere changes for the better. Greens come to office with real solutions to the issues facing our people and planet, instead of just protecting the status quo." Continue reading

In Honor of Indigenous Peoples' Day

Indigenous Peoples' Day arrives at a crucial moment this electoral season, as the inspiring indigenous-led movement at Standing Rock continues to draw attention to how the U.S. government systematically violates the rights of Native Americans. Unlike the Clinton and Trump campaigns, we are committed to respecting treaties with Native peoples and transforming the nature of this colonial relationship. Continue reading

Despite Exclusion from Debate Stage, Jill Stein Will Participate in Second Presidential Debate with Real-Time, Livestreamed Responses

Despite being excluded from the Presidential debate stage at Washington University, Green Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein will engage in real time with the official debate, making her case directly to the American people in a simultaneous broadcast on multiple online and televised platforms. During the first Presidential debate at Hofstra University, Dr. Stein participated via a livestream that has reached over 19.2 million viewers to date. Since that broadcast, polls have been released showing that 76% of Americans want open Presidential debates, and 57% want a major-party alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties. Continue reading

Stein/Baraka condemn Interstate Crosscheck and other voter suppression schemes

Republican legislatures across the country have been methodically engaging in voter-suppression schemes for the last decade. In recent years their efforts have expanded in a naked attempt to reduce minority and youth electoral participation and preserve conservative majorities in state legislatures and Congress as well as at the local level. These measures include odious voter ID laws, the reduction of early voting periods, the redlining of polling sites to avoid college campuses and minority communities, and the elimination of same-day registration. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, Green Party Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates, condemn these partisan maneuvers as toxic to the very concept of democracy and demand an immediate halt to these practices as well as long-term reform to election systems throughout the United States. Continue reading

Stein/Baraka Statement on the 20th Anniversary of the Illegal immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA)

The US immigration nightmare began 20 years ago today. The media writes a lot about how Trump and the Republicans are the party of hate and fear-mongering against immigrants. Less known is the story of how Clinton and the Democrats actually created "Trumpismo" in immigration: deportations, detentions, death in the desert and night raids. It all began with President Bill Clinton. It was 20 years ago today that Bill Clinton signed one of the most anti-immigrant laws in history: the Illegal immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA). Continue reading