We're on the ballot in Illinois!

The Illinois Green Party has successfully won ballot access for Jill Stein and other 2016 Illinois Green candidates. See our ballot access page to learn more about how you can help our campaign get on the ballot across the country! Illinois Green ballot access coordinator Nancy Wade released the following statement: As of 5:00 pm CDT today it's official. You WILL be able to vote for the Greater Good in Illinois. Continue reading

It Is Time for a Second American Revolution

On July 4, politicians declare their love for the American Revolution and democracy, while doing their best to oppose both at home and abroad. The 2016 presidential election provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to win independence from the rule of the 1%. The two 1% nominees – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – are the two most disliked politicians in US history. And those who plan to vote for them don’t support their agenda – they just want to vote against the other candidate. Voting against your fears is not what democracy is about. Continue reading

Media Advisory: Stein to appear in Lawrence & Topeka on July 2

Jill Stein, Green for President, will make campaign stops today in Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas. Continue reading

Stein Says Congressional Deal on Puerto Rico Continues Colonial Exploitation

Jill Stein, the presumptive Green Party candidate for President, said today that the Congressional deal on Puerto Rico was "good news for the hedge funds and other financial predators but bad news for Puerto Rico and their impoverished residents." The legislation puts much of Puerto Rico's management in the hands of a seven-member oversight board and requires the island to pay $370 million over five years for the board's administration costs, even as it cuts funding for education, healthcare and pensions. Continue reading

Obama's Carbon Deal Won't Avoid Climate Change

Stein Calls for 100% Clean Energy by 2030 Jill Stein, the presumptive Green Party nominee for President, said that the proposed deal with Mexico and Canada to go to 50% carbon-free electricity from 2025 is inadequate to meet the climate goals set in Paris. Continue reading

Illinois Green Party Submits Petition to State to be Recognized as a "New Party"

Today, Monday, June 27, the Illinois Green Party will be submitting petitions to gain ballot access as a party and for candidates Jill Stein for President, William Kreml for Vice President, Scott Summers for US Senate, and Tim Curtin for State Comptroller. The petition contains approximately 50,000 signatures of Illinois voters who want to see the Green Party on the ballot in November. Ironically, the state requires the Green Party to file a "New Party" petition, in spite of the fact that the Greens have been active and running candidates in Illinois for over ten years. This is because out-dated, draconian, anti-democratic ballot laws force parties other than the Republicans and Democrats to meet unrealistic vote thresholds or to petition for ballot access every election cycle. Continue reading

Stein: Trump, Clinton Are Both Right. Each Is Bad for the American Economy

Jill Stein, the presumptive Green Party nominee for President, said today that she agreed with Hillary Clinton that Donald Trump is a con man dedicated to increasing his own wealth. Stein also said that Trump was correct in criticizing Clinton for her "bought-and-paid-for-Wall-Street-Agenda," a point that Senator Sanders has also highlighted. Continue reading

Stein Observes Juneteenth with a Call for Racial Justice and Reparations for Slavery

(Philadelphia, PA) Jill Stein, the presumptive Green Party nominee for President, participated today in the Juneteenth observances in Philadelphia. The day marks when slaves in Texas on June 19, 1865 first learned of the Emancipation Proclamation from union soldiers. "It is unfortunate that more than 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, African-Americans still have been denied equality in our country. We need to ensure that all Americans have access to housing, a living wage job, universal health care, and a free, quality education, including college. It is also time for the United States to deliver on the promise of reparations for the sins of slavery, a promise made in 1865," said Stein. Continue reading

Media Advisory: Jill Stein to join Joshua Harris at press conference

Dr. Stein will be joining Joshua Harris, Green candidate for Baltimore Mayor, as he releases the executive summary of his Economic Plan. Continue reading

Jill Stein’s Statement on Orlando Tragedy

My heart goes out to all the victims in Orlando and their family members and loved ones. My thoughts and hopes are with the injured for their swift recovery. This tragedy reminds us once again that our country needs to take action to restrict access to assault weapons that enable such mass killings to occur with such frightening regularity. Continue reading