Protest at Dominican University to push the Commission on Presidential Debates to LET JILL DEBATE

Join us to tell the Commission on Presidential Debates to LET JILL DEBATE!

We will be protesting the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) at the location of Dominican University because the University has partnered with CPD to host a program on Sept. 6th & 7th.
Dominican University's & CPD's program claims to be a "non-partisan initiative to empower young voters" to engage in the election and identify issues for the presidential debates. Meanwhile the CPD is actually a corporation controlled by the Democratic and Republican National Committees and funded by big business donors, and acts to stifle real democracy by locking out independent candidates from the debates.

The college delegates for the CPD's program should be informed about the CPD's hypocrisy, corrupt history, and exclusionary practices.  The college delegates to the CPD are using #collegedebate16 as an identifying tag on social media platforms.  The delegates and their social media contact info is also listed at:

The CPD sets arbitrary polling requirements to exclude candidates.  If Jill Stein were included in the debates the support for her in the polls could rise dramatically.  Already Jill Stein is polling over 15% among voters younger than 30.  The CPD is showing disregard to young voters by excluding Jill Stein from the debates.  

On their website, Dominican University is identified as a "Voter Education Partner" for the CPD, yet Dominican University has refused to allow the Green Party to share voter education information on the campus and the University also has a history of locking the Green Party out of the political discourse.  In 2010, Dominican University held a debate with two of the candidates for Governor, and arrested the Green Party's candidate Laura Wells to prevent her from entering the debate.  

Will you come?

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