PROTEST THE DEBATE: St. Louis, MO at Washington University

We will rally at the corner of Lindell and Skinker BLVD at 3pm and march to the parking lot of Ciceros (6691 Delmar Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63130) at 5pm.

In the 2016 elections, the majority of Americans are disillusioned with the status quo, politics as usual – corporate politics and corporate candidates. The Democratic and Republican Parties have now nominated the two least liked candidates in recent history. Millions of working people are disgusted by the “choice” between an egomaniac and a corporate shill. Yet the leaders of the Democratic Party, at the city, county, and state levels tell us that’s our only choice .

The political situation is ripe for a new party on the left, representing the 99%, that takes no corporate money, and is based on building movements. We call for a new party of the 99% that bases itself on the interests of working people. Recently, Jill Stein has made statements hinting in this direction. The Greens can play an important role in bringing about a new party, but it will require the active involvement of unions like the NNU and the CWA, as well as other progressive movements like BLM, student movements, and community campaigns.

Many working people are rightly worried about the threat of Trump winning. Clearly, a Hillary Clinton presidency would be different in important ways from a Trump administration. Yet, to call her or the Democrats, friends of working people or the oppressed, is to ignore their record under Obama of bailing out the banks, record levels of deportations, supporting the TPP, and attacks on civil liberties.

Beginning under Jimmy Carter, the Democratic Party embraced neoliberalism. Under Bill Clinton, they brought in NAFTA, overturned Glass-Steagall, massively cut welfare and other social services, and expanded mass incarceration. The fruits of the Democrats’ service to corporate interests are being reaped today by Trump. Hillary promises to continue Bill Clinton’s and Obama’s neoliberal agenda – voting for Clinton will not be a tool to defeat the right. In reality a Clinton administration will fuel further right populism.

Regardless of the outcome in November, the threat of right populism must be opposed on the streets, in our workplaces, and our schools. Voting is not enough to fight inequality and oppression, we must build movements – the motor of change – to assert that Black Lives Matter, for LGBTQ equality, for free education, to raise the minimum wage, and for universal health care.

  • October 09, 2016 at 3pm – 10pm
  • Washington University in St. Louis
    Corner of Lindell and Skinker
    St Louis, MO 63130
    United States
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  • Ben Conover


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