Liz, Racine County

Observed Scanner Recount of Elmwood Park, Ward 1, Racine County, Wisconsin. Three observers were click counting, as the ballots were being put into the scanner. One clicked for Clinton, One clicked for Trump, and One clicked for "undervotes". At the end of the ballot run, the totals on the tape matched those recorded on election night, exactly. However, the click counters recorded 5 more votes for Clinton, 10 more votes for Trump, and 15 fewer "undervotes".  Please see attached photos. Continue reading

Stephanie, Racine County

I am sending photos of tally sheets for:Town of Norway*Village of WaterfordVillage of WindpointNote: The totals for Town of Norway seem to be inconsistent with officially reported totals. Even the recount numbers do not coincide with the poll book totals - there appears to be a 100 vote variance in ballots scanned for recount and the poll books. Continue reading

Tom, Racine County

Sunday was more of a 'practice' day for me. I took some counts and mainly tried to get a feel for how the entire process was proceeding. The Clerk (Wendy) seemed anxious and perhaps may have been getting overwhelmed with the amount of attention everything and everyone of the Tabulators seemed to need. There were few Stein Observers. There was one Trump Observer. There were several Clinton Observers. A 'Lead' Stein Observer was frustrated by the inability or refusal of the County Clerk to answer questions regarding the procedures and what had been continual disparities in the recount results and growing problems with reconciling the poll book totals with the recount totals. I observed discrepancies with the ways various Wards were handling "Remade" ballots. I am including photos of 5 tally sheets of Certied vote totals and Recount vote totals. These should be City of Racine Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Continue reading

Dave, Racine County

I observed the first day of the recount in Racine County. The Board of Canvass voted unanimously to conduct the recount by Optiscan rather than by hand. I filed an objection on behalf of the campaign, arguing for a hand recount. The objection was recorded in the official minutes.No votes were counted on the first day of the recount. Tabulators reconciled poll books, while the Board of Canvass reviewed absentee ballot envelopes. Continue reading