Recount 2016 budget update 2/20/17

As part of our commitment to transparency around recount fundraising and budgeting, the Recount 2016 team has prepared a recount budget update detailing expenses as of 2/20/17:

Total amount raised: $7,129,524

Attorney’s fees: 

Filing fees:  $4,473,130* (before WI Refund)
Media: $292,834
Staff support: $206,791
Recount observer costs: $106,791
Travel: $16,278
Compliance reserve: $150,000

*WI Filing Fee Refund: $1,494,085.91  


Remaining balance: $1,235,385.91  


*$1.49 million has been refunded from the states back to the recount campaign to date, with additional refunds still possible. All refunds are currently being set aside to pay for continuing recount legal action and related costs. Once the court case(s) have been complete, any remaining funds will be distributed to voting justice initiatives as determined by a ranked choice vote by the donors.



Dear Friend,

This is what democracy looks like!

As the recount comes to a close, I want to thank you - over 10,000 volunteers and more than 161,000 donors - who made this extraordinary, historic campaign possible.

We affirmed the power of the American people to demand a voting system we can trust, that is accurate, secure and just, and free from modern-day Jim Crow in our elections. We pushed forward in three states, defiant in the face of political blockades, bureaucratic hurdles and financial intimidation.

By revealing serious problems in our voting systems – out-of-date laws and recount procedures, politicized courts, machine failure and vulnerability, and flagrant racial inequities - these recounts were a resounding success. Our efforts have shined a light on the urgent need for reforms to our electoral system, and to the recounts that are supposed to safeguard that system.We look forward to continuing our work together to make those reforms a reality.

Ending our historic fundraising drive to pay for the recount, we look to you for input on how to use any funds that may remain. We are working hard to determine final costs, pending word from the states as to the ultimate costs of the recount in each state.

Once those costs are finalized, all remaining money will go to a set of non-partisan election reform and voting rights organizations based on your input in an online, ranked choice vote. The final list of organizations who could receive the leftover funds will be made public on our website in the coming weeks, and you as the engine of this process will be the first to know.

After a bitter, divisive election, now facing serious threats to our civil and constitutional rights, defending the bedrock of democracy - our right to vote, and to be confident in that vote - is more important than ever.

Moving forward, I, along with the Green Party, am committed to continue to fight with you for election integrity and voting justice on the frontlines of this struggle.

Thank you again for all you have done to build the movement for elections we can trust. In these unprecedented challenging times, we have taken a defiant leap forward towards the democracy we deserve, and the just and sustainable future that depends on it.

I look forward to our continuing work together.

With deep gratitude,


Jill Stein

Please read our full release here.

We can build a better future together.

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