Robin, Marquette County

OBSERVATION 1: The Ballot Container Certificate from Election Day on the clear plastic ballot bag calls for signatures of the Chief Inspector + another inspector of a different party. If the CI is unaffiliated (there’s a box to check), a third inspector from a party different from the second inspector is to sign. This certificate had three signatures but none of them referenced a party affiliation, nor was the unaffiliated box checked. This appears to be standard practice for Marquette County. (see photo)

OBSERVATION 2: Unlike most towns in Marquette County, this town did not have a hand-written, unofficial, numbered “auxiliary” voter list. These unofficial lists—not to be confused with the Supplemental Lists containing absentee voters—are used by those comparing the Election Day pollbooks. The pollbooks are in alpha order and the numeric list helps the ED inspectors and recount tabulators double/triple-check voters where the two poll books conflict. As an election judge myself (IL) I find the use of a hand-written, unofficial list both troubling and amusing. (see photos).
OBSERVATION 3: All red tag seals checked and accounted for.
OBSERVATION 4: The tabulators counting the absentee ballots didn’t have the Supplemental List. The sheriff’s deputy on duty was asked to retrieve it and came back with a manilla folder containing the list. I inquired of the County Clerk where it had been and he said it was up in the County Clerk’s office. It was apparently being used by another employee of the clerk’s office to enter voters into the MyVote.WI.govwebsite. Ditto the Pollbooks, as it turns out. (They are not in the Ballot Bag from Election Day.)

Recount totals (no change from Election Day):
Trump 111
Clinton 63
Johnson 4
Stein 4
Scattered 2

PHOTOS (all from Endeavor unless indicated): 
Ballot Container Certificate from Election Day (shows signatures with no affiliations)
Ballot Container Certificate from Town of Packwaukee (to show pattern)
Inspector’s Statement p1
Inspector’s Statement p2 (list of red tag seals)
Edge II Memory Card Chain of Custody
Handwritten Auxiliary List (Town of Oxford)—as an example only
Handwritten Auxiliary List (Town of Springfield)—ditto 
Supplemental List (Town of Westfield)—as an example only
Canvasser’s Statement (not final)
Ballot Container Certificate from Recount Day