Robin, Marquette County

City of Montello recount. (Read this together with any comments/photos from Sandie Becker.)

OBSERVED: There were 8 or 9 Absentee ballot envelope with no initials evidencing voter ID checked. County Clerk says he won't throw those out, but would for missing signature, witness, or judge initials on paper/absentee ballot.
OBSERVED: Inspector Statement didn't include the seal # of the Ballot Bag.
OBSERVED: Broken red tag #1885 was on Incident Report but not found; #1958 was found but not on the report.
OBSERVED: Inspector Statement missing lots of other info + had grossly inaccurate number of absentee ballots (83, s/b 140). City Clerk Dawn C was called in, given oath, and clarified that all was OK. She had completed the Federal form 190-F (for election stats) and it had the correct numbers on it. She was asked to make changes to the Insp Stmt + the tally page from each Pollbook. She did not add the Ballot Bag seal # as that is a Chief Inspector requirement.

Trump - 348 (-4)
Clinton - 289 (-1)
Johnson - 18
Stein - 8
Morehead - 1
Scattering - 2 (+2)
McMullin 0 (-1)

*Ballot Container Cert
*Inspector Report p1
*Inspector Report p2
*Inspector Report p3
*Memory Card Chain of Custody
*Federal 190-F p1
*Federal 190-F p2
*Pollbook #1 tally page w/initialed changes
*Pollbook #2 tally page w/initialed changes
*Inspector Statement p1 w/initialed changes