Sign the "I'll vote for Jill if you will" Pledge ("petition")

Here's how to change the question from "How in **** can Jill and the Green Party candidates win the November election?" to "By how much WILL Jill win?" A brilliant invention at this link explains it all:

Here's how it works, in a nutshell: go to any of the main petition websites (listed for you on page 2 of the link; #2, ), then get 2 people you know and trust to take the pledge as well. If the goal of 50 million pledges is met, JILL WINS! If not, the "deal" is off, and you can do just what you've been doing since the JFK/Nixon election: hold your nose and vote AGAINST the duopoly candidate you fear and loathe most. I've signed my pledge and recruited my two pledgers. What will you do? 

Supplementary notes (and extended "pitch"): 

The strongest criticism I’ve heard of this “Pledge Drive” is that it’s “just a pyramid scheme,” and will peter out the bigger it gets. While this may prove true, there are major differences between this Pledge and a typical “pyramid scheme:”

1) This is not a scheme to derive instant riches. No expenditure (let alone investment) of money or time, other than the time for each signer to find two other pledgers, is required. Nor is there any corrupting (direct) monetary benefit to the participants.

2) There is a massive existing pool of voters who are itching for a way out of their current disempowerment:

   -- “Berniecrats” who spent much money, time and effort in their campaign, only to see a national victory of 15% snatched away by vote fraud by the DNC machine and what many of them see as betrayal by their former champion (by his support of Clinton),

   --the “Never Hillary” and “Bernie or bust” voters now have a way forward via the Stein campaign, but need assurance that their votes won’t be wasted, and

   --the 47 million students who face a lifetime of debt, with no relief possible through bankruptcy (after recent changes in BK law), who learn of Jill’s plan to forgive their student debt, are very motivated to vote Green.

3) Traditional party loyalty is a rapidly-shrinking factor, as 45% of the electorate is now Independent/No-Party-Preference. Further, both duopoly candidates are rated “most-disliked-ever” in polls; even some incumbent Republicans are un-endorsing Trump, and many progressive Democrats are seeing through Hillary’s progressive pretensions when looking at her Wall Street connections and her endorsement by prominent Republicans and billionaires (such as Warren Buffet, who famously said, “There’s class warfare in this country…it’s our class, the rich class, that’s waging it, and we’re winning”). All these factors combine to give Jill a winning margin, IF THE FEAR FACTOR IS ELIMINATED (the fear of possibly helping to elect the most-feared member of the duopoly tag-team, whichever one that is for any particular voter). That's exactly what this petition/pledge drive does!

The bottom line is, if enough people believe that the Pledge will work, it WILL work, and Jill Stein WILL become our next President. That will not be the end of the new-politics campaign, but the beginning; we also need to clean house in Congress, where entrenched interests defy democratic influence. Please visit for some very good proposals and an action plan.

Be a believer, and help make this pledge campaign go viral!

NOTE 1: Check on the progress of this project by visiting the petition site(s) on which you pledged for the current running total(s).

NOTE 2: some form information had to be filled in, to make this notice work, even though they don't apply, such as date--should have been "now until the Nov. election"--length, time zone, max. capacity of venue and all contact info.)



  • September 18, 2016 at 12pm – 12pm
  • Your home, or anywhere there is internet access, including WIFI
    608a N Victoria Ave
    Ventnor City, NJ 08406
    United States
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  • Jay Spencer