We Made History! Third-Party Candidates - Jill and Gary Johnson - on National TV for the First Time Ever!

STEIN/BARAKA HEADQUARTERS ALERT JILL STEIN AND GARY JOHNSONON NATIONAL TELEVISION FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! Big News! Jill and Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson will appear together live on the Tavis Smiley Show on PBS tonight! This is a breakthrough - and maybe even a game-changer for Jill. It’s the first time Jill and Gary Johnson will be featured together on broadcast television. It also represents an unprecedented opportunity for the American people to hear about more voices and more choices in the presidential election. A USA Today poll found that 76% of voters in the United States wanted a 4-candidate debate that included Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. This forum will be a welcome change from the completely unbalanced nature of this year's presidential news coverage that has resulted in an effective media blackout on third-party candidates. It will be taped live Monday, October 31, 2016, in the show’s Los Angeles studio and air on Tavis Smiley tonight (Monday evening) and Tuesday night, November 1 and 2, on PBS. (Check your local PBS station to find the exact airing times in your area.) Overall, this is a major new development for Jill and the campaign and it's happening because of the continued support of people like YOU! With your help, we've been able to mount an effective, aggressive social media campaign for nearly a year and take our message directly to voters. And now, with just a week to go in the election, we're finally breaking through at the national level! Please help Jill and Ajamu continue to use “the people's media,” social media, to put pressure on the corporate media in the closing days of this campaign.  For that, we need your continued financial support. Will you give now so we can keep the pressure on and drive the campaign to 5% of the popular vote? The need has never been greater. As you may remember, 5% is the “magic number” for us in electoral politics. With 5% of the popular vote nationwide, we'll qualify for about $10 Million dollars to kickstart the 2020 campaign. We can't get our 5% without your continued financial support. Please help us keep the campaign going strong in the final few days. We’ve invested our funds in hiring staff and setting up offices or networks around the country. We’re not wasting your money on 30-second ads - we’re actually empowering organizers on the ground, and that’s why our percentages are remaining solid!! You’re investing in a long-term movement. Your donation will keep the field staff working, our media staff pumping out news directly to people without having to rely on the corporate media, and it will keep Jill and Ajamu on the road from campaign stop to campaign stop. Jill and Ajamu are working every single day to get our message out - about the Green New Deal that will combat climate change, cancel student debt, put an end to institutionalized racism and police violence, and so much more. Please help them continue to help us, our nation, and our world. Your donation is urgently needed in these last critical days of the campaign. As Jill says... it's in our hands! Gloria MatteraCampaign ChairJill2016.com P.S. A bonus 30 minute conversation, with questions selected entirely from social media will be available exclusively online at the Tavis Smiley PBS website. Click HERE to go to our website where you’ll find the link.  You can submit questions to the candidates via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags: #TavisSmileyForum, #AskJill or #AskGary. Ask your question and don't forget to give to Jill's campaign today! No donation is too small and the legal limit is $2700 per person. Give today!