Steve, Burnett County

On 12/2, they once again convened at 9 a.m. This time, all the tabulators were present as well as the 3 members of the Board of Canvass. Tabulators were shown how to cut the DRE paper rolls. None of the DRE machines were present, but the rolls from each township and village were in their respective bags. Tabulators were told to save everything, even blank portions of the paper rolls - "Nothing gets thrown away." There were four tables set up, two for cutting paper rolls, one for reconciling poll lists and one for counting absentee ballots. As a result, they utilized a "division of labor" approach rather than doing all facets of each township at one time. Ballots were counted and sorted in groups of 25. All workers seemed to be busy most of the time, but there was some wasted effort until they sorted out tasks and became more efficient. By the time I left at noon (prior obligation), they seemed to be working quite efficiently. I touched base with the Democratic party volunteer at the end of the day; she said they'd completely finished five townships. There were no irregularities observed, though some of the paper rolls were quite mangled - apparently the scrolling function on the printer portion of many machines was less than adequate.