Sue, Waukesha County

These photos and videos show the high speed ESS DS850 machine being set up, used to count ballots, or discussed at the Waukesha County recount location on 12/05/16. It's important to note that it was physically impossible to read any of the content (including presidential candidate votes) on any of the individual ballots when they were actively running through the DS850 machines. Furthermore, there was never an opportunity to view individual ballots prior to them being inserted into the DS850 machine. Rather, ballots were often stacked, placed face-down so presidential candidate votes weren't visible, and/or moved too fast through the machine to be reasonably read by the human eye even when standing within 2 feet of the DS850. Conversations about how the DS850 machine specifically counts ballots (especially "over" and "under" votes) was particularly confusing. In my opinion more conversations and informative exchanges between the ESS company, the Waukesha Board of Canvassers, and other experts could be needed to clarify how the mechanics and data collection used by the DS850 could be impacting final ballot counts.