Syracuse, NY

Open the Debates Rally at the Hillary Clinton For President Campaign Office in Syracuse

The first round of debates are fast approaching. Monday September 26th will be the first round of debates held at Hofstra University. As usual due to the strict rules held by the Commission On Presidential Debates third party candidates like Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson are being kept out of the debates.

The Commission On Presidential Debates is nothing more than a smoke screen made by the Democrats and Republicans to look like an official federal office. The Commission is a corporation set up in 2012 by the Democrat and Republican parties. The Commission allows for the Democrat and Republican parties to create laws that make it impossible for third party candidates to be able to participate in the debates. These laws are also undemocratic, and the American people are demanding change in the way the debates are being handled.

76% of the American people are asking for third party candidates to be included in the debates. At Hofstra on Monday during the debates there will be a large presence of American people protesting outside the debates demanding change.

For those who can not make it to Hofstra to show your frustration of how the debates are being run then please join us this Monday the 26th. The Onondaga County Green Party will be holding a rally outside of the Hillary Clinton headquarters that just opened here in Syracuse. We will be making a point to show Hillary, and her supporters that it is time the Democratic party stop practicing in undemocratic laws made up by faux federal offices. These laws are keeping every option that is available to the American people from them this election season.

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