The 5% solution





Friend, the Green revolution is happening all around us! 
You know it because you’re part of it!

And as a revolutionary, I know you'll want to hear about my latest call for our biggest ever voter turnout for Greens this election.

I’m asking everyone to invest their vote on November 8 (or before) — not throw it away! Our goal is to garner 5% of the popular vote. When that happens, our “invested” votes will pay huge dividends.

We call it the “5% solution” because just 5% of the popular vote nationwide is a true game-changer. If you want the Green Party to grow, I need you to donate right now!

Imagine how much easier it will be to get Green candidates elected and our ideas heard when that happens! 


With Your Vote, We Have
the Power to Radically Change
Politics in America - Permanently!

I know you want to be part of a force for real change! By casting your very important vote Green, and helping us achieve 5% of the national vote, the following seismic shifts will happen in our democracy:

  • We'll qualify for as much as $10 Million in Federal Election matching funds for our party and our candidates! We can hit the ground running - instead of struggling - in 2020.

  • We'll also automatically appear on the ballot in a number of states. No more ballot access struggles, no more worrying about staff and offices, a better ground game.

  • Can you imagine how much more we'll get done starting out with $10 Million and guaranteed ballot access in many states? This year alone, GPUS and the Stein Campaign raised and spent over $580,000 just for ballot access! It was a huge struggle.

  • Not only that, but garnering 5% of the vote will give the Green Party visibility that we just don't have yet. We’ll build the progressive electoral voice REGARDLESS of who wins this election!

So you see …Your vote really does matter! The 5% solution DEPENDS on your vote!!

But we also need you to invest more than just your vote. We need your extra financial support these last few days of the campaign.

As I emphasize in the video, we need you right now, to give whatever you can -- $27 or $270 or the maximum per person contribution, $2700! Whatever works for you. No donation is too small.

Small donations from thousands of revolutionaries like you add up fast!

jill-beautiful_480.jpgHere's the thing: Running a campaign is expensive. Getting 5% of the vote will give us a huge boost, but we need your financial help to get to 5%. The costs of technology, travel, staff, the website, and our aggressive social media campaigns—it all adds up. 

But we know it will be worth it to make the Green agenda central to our nation's political debate. Can we please count on your help?

YES! Count me in! I want to donate and support you, Jill, right now and view your NEW VIDEO!

Will you stand shoulder to shoulder with me? I’m the only candidate with bold, realistic and practical programs for building a healthy, sustainable and just new world. And I need your help!

My strategy lays out real answers to the problems that face us – common sense solutions to the climate crisis, a plan to abolish student debt, my signature “Green New Deal” that will create millions of new jobs and transition our entire economy, and more.

But a real revolution like ours cannot be run or won by one candidate. It requires millions of people like YOU helping to get out the vote.

And I can't get it done without everyone's help..

Right now what I need is your pledge to vote Green and your financial help in - MAKING A DONATION. If you’ve already made one, now’s the time to make one again! This is what real democracy looks like. Millions of Greens, Independents and those turned off by the stranglehold of the two-party duopoly, joining together for a united cause!

YES! I want to invest in you, Jill, and view your NEW VIDEO right now!

Remember, my campaign relies on the support of people like you, now and always. I never take donations from corporations or lobbyists, so please give generously today to make our “pay as you go” movement possible.

As Ajamu and I say, “We can build this new world. It's not in our hopes. It’s not in our dreams. It's in our hands.” Let’s build a better future together!

Jill Stein
Green Party Candidate for President 2016

P.S. Help your family and friends invest their vote wisely this year. Help make sure they don't throw away their vote on a failed 2-party system when there's a real movement for meaningful social change. Give today and SEE MY NEW VIDEO NOW!


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