Third and Final Debate

Jill 2016




As you know, Jill hasn't been invited to any of the Presidential Debates, including the final debate tomorrow night in Las Vegas.

But that won't stop her from participating!

The corporate, establishment, duopoly candidates Hillary and Trump, will be debatingtomorrow night, October 19th at 9pm eastern time at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, hosted by Fox News with moderator Chris Wallace.

Jill will be broadcasting her positions by real-time livestreaming during the debate. Just go to our Facebook page to listen in. AND BE SURE to stay tuned afterward for a Facebook Live Q&A with Jill as well!

We’ll be inserting her real answers in between the non-answers of the two establishment candidates.


One thing you won’t hear from Jill is a bunch of character assassinations or wild conspiracy theories ala Trump. Nor will you hear the half-truths and artful mis-statements ala Hillary.


You will hear bold solutions to our nation’s problems - solutions like the Green New Deal which will create millions of living wage jobs and take on the climate crisis and which will end the wars for oil, abolishment of student debt and put an end to institutionalized racism and police brutality.

Even though she won’t be allowed to speak in the Debates, her voice WILL BE HEARD! We’re going to make sure of it.

Will you help Jill in her last debate?

We're taking over the people's airwaves again - social media - so voters can hear Jill's “greater good” real alternatives to the two evils being offered by the Democrats and the Republicans.

We need you “hashtag ready” and waiting, as Jill trounces Hillary and Trump (Trump is really finished). Use #openthedebates to make your voice heard and take part in the tweets.

Will you stand shoulder to shoulder with Jill, the onlycandidate with realistic programs for building a new world? During the debate, she will be providingreal answers to the problems that face us.

A revolution like ours requires millions of people likeYOU, volunteering, phone banking, and getting out the vote. It’s what REAL DEMOCRACY looks like!

What do we need you to do?

More than anything else, we desperately need your financial support today. This debate is going to cost us about $25,000 when it’s all said and done.


Whatever you can give today, right now will help us pay for our social media crew to plan and produce the social media campaign that will ensure Jill is heard loud and clear. This strategy has already resulted in Jill earning over 20 million views in the two previous presidential debates!

You and about 45,000 other donors have made the campaign what it is today with your financial support. Today we need you more than ever.

Will you give $60 right now?

You see, the campaign for Jill has grown exponentially and now needs about $17,000 a day to keep challenging the establishment candidates and the corporate media through Election Day -November 8.

We're currently falling behind in our fundraising and we must continue to stand up to the duopoly and get our message out. That's why I need you to give again today, as much as you can.

Because of you and the other 45,000 donors, we've been able to build an alternative political party the likes of which the United States has never seen in modern times.

With your help, we can once again get our message of hope and bold solutions to the people.

This is JILL’S LAST DEBATE! Let’s make sure she reaches more Americans than ever before. Help fully fund our social media campaign to put her into millions of American homes by giving today.

As Jill says, it's in our hands.

Gloria Mattera
Campaign Chair

P.S. Please give whatever you can. This one social media campaign will cost at least $25,000this one last time. Your support in any amount will help get us over the top.

P.P.S. Tomorrow night, America will have a choice laid out before us - a choice between the mud slinging and broken promises of the duopoly candidates, or the candidate who has fresh, realistic plans to build a new America! YES! Count me in! I want to donate $60 and support Jill right now!


Gloria Mattera

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