Thomas, Waukesha County

I was in Waukesha each and every day of the recount from 8 a.m. until Midnight from the first day through Friday, December 9, 2016. I was a primary observer each day. Waukesha County was 1) secretive 2) extremely reluctant to disseminate information 3) extremely disorganized 4) very partisan to the Republican Party 5) treated primary observers with inequity 6) had many tabulators who were extremely partial particularly against 3rd party candidate observers 7) and their Board of Canvassers were not consistent in their inspection and discussions as well determination of which votes counted or didn't count with each team (6 different variations of teams) contradicting the other. They also did not follow state statutes several times. All of this I objected to. I personnally observed every questioned or reviewed ballot. A public records request should be filed. It is my opinion they would not pass a Wisconsin Audit of this election.  Also, the Green Party observed election material removed from the secure area and taken into the main office.  I have the following documents: 1) All of the Recount Report Sheets for each and every ward ward of Waukesha County. 2) The summary sheet for Waukesha County with vote totals for Trump and Clinton with + and - tallies. 3) A journal notebook of anecdotal notes of each day of the recount. 4) A list of all of the volunteers I procured to work shifts.