Will you vote for me and Ajamu?

Whether addressing the climate catastrophe, dealing with racial injustice and police brutality, abolishing student debt, or stopping the wars for oil that are bankrupting our country, Ajamu and I are putting forth solutions that put people, planet, and peace over profit.

We stand with people nationwide who are coming together to reject the corporate parties and their special-interest funders. We're running a people-powered and people-funded campaign, which qualifies us to put forth the uncorrupted, real solutions that our country needs. 

On Election Day, can I count on your vote?

Who's pledging

Betty Anguiano
steve stankovic
steve stankovic
Samara Haqq
doug cullen
Joseph Marshall
Sharon Connors
William Fife
Elizabeth Stacy
Frances M Richardson
Vessela Kouneva
Evalina Alarcon
Brandi Warren
Indeep Chase
Patricia Harris
Demetry Gutierre z
Solcire Roman
Saiyda Campbell
Sherry Mueller
Hassan Bach
Maia Silvia
Kelly Carrasquillo
Steven Dowden
Jo Hering
Leo Sanchez
Abe Martin

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