Vote for Stein/Baraka -- and Ranked-Choice Voting -- on November 8th!

Are you getting excited for Election Day?! We know you’ve been keeping busy. Thank you to our tens of thousands of volunteers across the country who have mobilized in the final stretch by phonebankinghelping us Get Out the Vote, and educating their communities about the Stein/Baraka platform, while also dispelling myths perpetuated by corporate mainstream media. (By the way, have you checked out our Frequently Asked Questions page?)

Some of you also cast your ballot in our final poll, ranking your favorite Stein/Baraka policies in your order of preference. Though many of you told us how hard it was, because you supported ALL these policies, we still found our majority winner (thanks to the democratic process of Ranked-Choice Voting!)


So what was the result? Ultimately, Stein/Baraka supporters’ favorite policy was the one that makes the Green Party stand out the most (and yet was the least talked-about issue in the duopolistic presidential debates):

The Green New Deal

Our #PeaceOffensive came in a close second. And understandably so -- climate change,  economic insecurity and war affect all of us.

So how did it work? We began with seven policies and asked you to rank them in your order of preference. The policy with the fewest first choices was “defeated” and voters who ranked that policy as their top choice had their ballots instantly counted for their second choice. This process was repeated until a policy received over 50% of the votes. See the first and last round of votes below*:

First Round:

SB policy 2.PNG

Final Round:

SB policy 3.PNG

*Explore how the votes were counted in each round of this poll at

We hope you’ve gotten used to Ranked-Choice Voting by now and will join us in advocating to make it the universal method of voting in our electoral system. Why is this so important? Because RCV puts democracy back into the hands of voters: it ensures that the candidate with the most support wins, eliminates vote-splitting and prevents “spoilers”. In other words, no more voting for the lesser evil.

So if you live in Benton County, OR or anywhere in the state of Maine, make sure that tomorrow you vote YES on local initiatives that advance Ranked-Choice Voting!



Want to Transform Your Voting System? Vote YES on Measure 5!

  • Do you live in Maine or know someone who does?

  • Do you like the idea of Ranked-Choice Voting?

  • Want to take action and bring back democracy?

You can -- on Election Day! Please encourage everyone you know in Maine to vote Yes on 5 on November 8th.

Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) is on the ballot as a statewide initiative in Maine. If adopted, this means that RCV will be used to elect officials in Maine. It is also an opportunity for Maine to serve as a model for what the electoral process could be -- and potentially spark a transformation of the voting system across the country! See “Question 5” on the website to see this and other statewide initiatives you can vote for on Tuesday in Maine!

Visit to learn more about why you (and your friends) should vote YES on 5 and how to get involved.



Want to Transform Your Voting System? Vote YES on Measure 2-100!

Visit to find out more and vote for democracy on November 8th!

Here's what it would be like 
to vote in the 2016 Presidential election with ranked choice voting.


Please keep spreading the word about ranked-choice voting! Share with your friends!

And don't forget to vote tomorrow!

We can build a better future together.